Ready-to-use communications
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We deliver a number of Functions as a Service (FaaS) with ready-to-use communications capabilities that help you to speed up your development of new products and services. Focus your efforts on designing the optimal customer experience and leave the communications complexity to us.



SCAIP as a function handles alarm triggers from Telecare units and can establish voice and video between alarm centers and Telecare users.


Call Recording as a function helps you modernize your existing monolithic call recording service and simplify it by a shift to the cloud.


Real-time Media Server as a function provides media and call control capabilities to let you build interactive real-time communications services.


WebRTC Gateway as a function helps you incorporate web based real-time communications, such as voice and video, into your solution.


Analogue interfaces as a function lets you maintain your installed base of analogue connected devices after the shutdown of public phone networks.

Develop faster, easier & smarter

Our serverless communications functions allow you to streamline your development process and give you the building blocks you need to create a state-of-the-art solution in short time.

Our communications functions are integrated into your solution with open, event based APIs. They are built for massive scale of business-critical installations and will keep you secure, agile and fully compliant.

All functions are offered as fully managed services operated by You don’t have to worry about hardware, licenses, local software, server management or availability.

With more than 20 years of experience in developing critical applications for business communication you can trust us to handle telecom complexity and protocol competencies while you simply add our functions to your overall solution.

Serverless functions built upon AWS public cloud for unlimited scale, reach & global deployment help you extend to new markets quick and easy.


cPaaS that you can trust for business critical installations. Our platform delivers enterprise class availability, reliability & performance.

Built upon microservices with strongest possible security in mind. 24/7 support and redundant environment keeps you fully secure.

Experience the cloud communications platform for business-critical & secure communications

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