Simplify alarm integrations

Integration of alarm flows is complicated. Alarm events are sent using different protocols supported by different vendors, and traditionally you have to deploy specialized hardware or software to manage the events. Let our serverless Alarmbridge do the hard work for you. It simplifies integration with legacy alarm devices and platforms so you can focus on your own core development.
Bridge social care alarms from legacy or new devices to Alarm Receiving Centres.

Security Industries

Modernize legacy HW-solutions with cloud solution capable of receiving modern & legacy alarm protocols.

Telecom Operators

Speed up PSTN migration, bridge telecom protocols & deliver DTMF tones as API events.

Smart Buildings & Facilities

Receive alarms from your facilities and respond with modern voice & video services.


Alarmbridge receives analogue and digital alarm events from alarm equipment and delivers them to receiving platforms through a unified API.


Alarmbridge receives alarm events from customer platforms through API, converts them to several different output protocols, and delivers them to receiving platforms.

Modernize alarm receiving platforms and add support for IP based alarm protocols

Replace existing deployed devices in your own pace through support for multiple legacy protocols

Focus on core functionality and save time & operations cost by using our serverless functionality

Integrate voice and video services with alarm event flows

Simplify integration through unified API that maps to protocol specific alarm events

Map protocol specific alarm codes to meaningful information Alarmbridge – Serverless alarm bridging functionality


Serverless alarm bridging functionality

Alarmbridge allows you to integrate devices, using a variety of common alarm protocols that are mapped to a unified alarm event API, into for example monitoring or analytics applications. There is no requirement for the installation of any equipment on site.

Alarmbridge can also act as a source of alarms by letting you call a REST endpoint to trigger the alarm to be sent to an Alarm Receiving Center.


Integrated heartbeat service

Alarmbridge provides an integrated heartbeat service and can handle alarms and heartbeats by passing the events through to a receiving platform.

If you want to reduce the amount of events that are passed to the integrated platform, the heartbeat service can be configured to only generate alarms when the heartbeat message is not received in expected time. serverless Alarmbridge – Integrated heartbeat service serverless Alarmbridge – Value-added real-time functionality


Integration of voice & video services with alarm event flows

Modern alarm systems drive demand for sophisticated real-time communications such as live video transmission and intercom capabilities. In many applications, for example social care alarms, an alarm event will result in a voice or video communication. With you can further develop your solution by adding VoIP and video based communications with alarm endpoints.

Establish voice and video calls between parties or play prompts as a result of an alarm event. Integrate secure video cameras and activate video streams from the camera based on alarm triggers, or let your platform send an event to to establish a PSTN, VoIP or video call between alarm agents and users.


Built for companies looking to modernize & simplify alarm

Alarmbridge is suitable for companies such as alarm receiving platforms or others that want to modernize architecture, expand protocol support and enable interworking between supplier technologies.

It is also a perfect fit for companies building products that need to integrate with existing deployed alarm devices and alarm receiving centers.

Technology Enabled Care
Security Industries
Telecom Operators
Smart Buildings & Facilities serverless Alarmbridge – Agnostic platform for any sector serverless Alarmbridge – Bridging the protocol fragmentation in the alarm industry


Bridging the protocol fragmentation in the alarm industry

Interoperability of technology from different suppliers is a challenge in many industry sectors, with varying degrees of progress towards standardisation.

Alarmbridge helps overcome interoperability issues by supporting a variety of common alarm protocols – both old legacy analogue protocols and modern IP based protocols. Additional protocols can be added upon request.

Alarmbridge receives an analogue or digital alarm event from an alarm device, converts it into a unified alarm event and sends it as a REST callback to a receving platform.

The alarm is acknowledged by the receiving platform and contains further instructions back to the device. For a social care alarm as example, it may be a command to establish voice communication between the device and the alarm center.

As application developer you can focus on a single point of integration, regardless if the device uses an old legacy analogue protocol, or a modern IP based protocol, to transmit the alarms.

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