Maintain your installed base of analogue devices even after shutdown of old public networks

Digitalization is rapidly progressing while millions of devices such as i.e. cameras, alarm,  intercom systems and similar are connected to the network through analogue interfaces provided by the old analogue phone network.

As these networks gets migrated to voice over IP technology suppliers of technology and services relying on the old network face huge problems. The replacement services are tuned for voice communications between humans and not for machines.

Analogue interfaces as a function offers a reliable solution tuned for machine integration which avoids issues related to service provider specific equipment and configuration.

Analogue interfaces as a function

Take the drivers seat

One advantage of the old public phone networks was that they were very well standardized and predictive in behavior. As these networks gets shut down and replaced with voice over IP services this is no longer the case. The number of providers in a region explode and with that the different types of equipment to interface and service configurations.

Secure and predictable

If you are a product supplier relying on predictable analogue interfaces for your equipment Analogue interfaces as a function comes at rescue. It offers a fully managed terminal adaptor tuned for the application be connected. All SIP and RTP traffic is guaranteed to be encrypted which is not the case for normal VoIP services.

Tuned for machine communication

Current replacement services for the public networks are tuned for human voice communication. The equipment is not configured for reliable transport of for example short duration DTMF where it fails upon detection or regeneration on the remote side.

Analogue interfaces as a Function offers a terminal adaptor capable of such communication and provides functionality report the detected tones via API events which eliminates the challenge to re-generate the original analogue tones on the receiver side.

The service offers plug and play mass deployment and auto configuration of terminal adaptors.

Key features

  • Managed analogue terminal adaptor
  • Plug and play auto configuration
  • Reliable detection of short duration DTMF tones
  • Plug and play configuration for mass deployments
  • API events for reliable transmission of detected DTMF tones
  • Analogue interface configuration to match connected equipment
  • Service provider independent, consistent service and configuration for all connected devices
  • Interconnect capabilities with fixed an mobile networks
  • WebRTC interface
  • SRTP

Experience the cloud communications platform for business-critical & secure communications

Do you have an installed base of analogue devices that you need to maintain after the shutdown of the public switched telephone network? Let’s discuss how our platform can help you.