Build interactive real-time communications services

When developing more sophisticated communications services there is a need to automate interaction with for example the caller. In the past, dedicated media server hardware and software that requires installation and operations, was deployed for this purpose.

This we replace with serverless real-time media server functions that provide media and call control capabilities. As a result, you can build interactive voice services for contact center or unified communication solutions without having to care about infrastructure.

Provides media and call control capabilities for interactive real-time communications services

Lets you migrate from monolithic
media servers to modern software architecture

Interacts with your application by exchanging events and commands via an intuitive REST interface 

Real-time Media Server as a function

With Media Server as a function any application developer can add real-time media server functionality to new and innovative communications solutions.

The media server function provides capabilities to play prompts and record prompts during a call and listen for DTMF tones to build interactive applications. It integrates with Amazon Polly or Google text to speech for automated prompt generation.

The application logic interacts with the media server function by exchanging events and commands using an intuitive REST interface.

Built-in Call Control

Traditional media servers are often limited in functionality and requires a separate service for call control. Our media server has built-in call control functions to allow call handling functionality for one or multiple call legs. With this functionality included, it’s easy to develop advanced contact center or unified communications applications.

When a participant joins or leaves a session, the application is notified with an event and the individual call legs can be controlled using our APIs.

Serverless media functions

With our serverless real-time media functions you can utilize media server functionality without the need of any local hardware, software or servers.

Our cloud platform takes care of availability & server management and automatically scales to meet your capacity needs.

Use case examples for the real-time media server as a function

Use case examples for real-time media server function

1. Contact Center – Design and build Interactive Voice Response Services (IVR) with our detailed APIs.

2. Unified Communications – Answer and direct incoming callers to your UC platform by providing group numbers or IVR functionality.

3. Door Intercom – Use speech recognition to let visitors tell who they want to be connected to.

4. Web application – Play video media while customers are waiting in the web-queue.

5. Recording – Record voice calls and build voice-mail services.

6. Healthcare – Play voice notifications at group livings for elderly care.


Play voice and
video prompts

Play background music,
waiting sound or video
Gather information via DTMF
tones or speech-to-text

Text to speech via integrations with Amazon Polly and Google TTS

Record voice and
video prompts
Support of multiple codecs to
transcode to common audio formats
Answer, route and queue
calls to recipients

Handle multiple call legs 

Connect call leg to
media server
Connect call legs
with each other
Split call leg connections
in call transfer scenarios
Call events per call leg to allow further processing
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