Digital Telecare made easy

A modern Telecare solution that is built around digital interfaces instead of analogue signals increases flexibility, reliability and functionality. Furthermore it offers the opportunity to connect several sensors to the Telecare unit. For instance, night surveillance, bed sensors, door sensors and cameras can easily be added to a digital Telecare solution.

SCAIP as a function connects Telecare units with alarm centers and is the optimal choice if you want to move from an analogue to a digital Telecare solution without having to worry about telecom complexity.

SCAIP as a function from

The SCAIP standard enables connection and communication between Telecare units and alarm centers via IP networks. The protocol not only allows signaling of alarms, it also enables voice and video calls between the alarm center and the Telecare unit. In general, telecommunication adds a lot of complexity and requires specialized skillsets. With SCAIP as a function we have made it easy to integrate Telecare units and alarm platforms via the SCAIP interface.

Alarm, voice and video

SCAIP as a function handles alarm triggers from the Telecare unit and has built-in features to establish voice and video communication between the alarm center and the Telecare user. Calls can be made to and from the alarm center or the Telecare device.

Serverless SCAIP functionality

The platform is built in a modern way utilizing the power of public cloud infrastructure. With our serverless SCAIP function you can create a modern Telecare solution without the need of any local software, hardware or servers. We take care of it all from our cloud platform.

Provides heartbeats and
communication building
blocks as a service

Cloud-based solution that
automatically scales
to meet your capacity needs

Enables easy transition from an
analogue to a digital 
Telecare solution



Integrate your solution with our function using our open API’s. The function provides SCAIP and SIP interfaces to integrate between the alarm center and the Telecare units.


Establish calls via VoIP/SIP or via the built-in GSM and PSTN integration. Use the WebRTC interface to establish video calls with between alarm agents and Telecare users.


We support a variety of Telecare devices as listed down below on this page. If you want to include devices from other vendors we can easily add them to your solution.

Make your alarm center SCAIP compliant with SCAIP as a function

Make your alarm center SCAIP compliant

SCAIP as a function is provided globally over the public cloud and is integrated into your solution with open API’s. When an alarm is triggered or a call is made, notifications are sent to the alarm platform through event API’s. After that, the alarm platform can generate SCAIP messages in return or establish calls back to the Telecare units.

With SCAIP as a function we can help you to move from an analogue to digital Telecare solution in a serverless fashion and make your alarm center compliant with SCAIP/CENELEC TS 50134-9.


Provide heartbeat functions between the device and alarm center
Integrate communication from Telecare devices to any alarm center with open API’s
Make phone calls between the Telecare device and alarm center via VoIP/SIP
Make phone calls between the Telecare device and alarm center via GSM
Enable alarm centers to receive calls via WebRTC interface
Secure and encrypted communication
API Support – Received SCAIP Message event, Send SCAIP message, Incoming call event, Place call, REST
Night surveillance, bed sensors, door sensors and cameras can be added to the Telecare solution


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By integrating SCAIP as a function to your overall Telecare solution you can keep up with the speed of change and minimize your costs at the same time.

We’ll make sure that you succeed with your project and give you comprehensive functionality to help you stay ahead of competition. We are happy to share insights from our reference customers and tell you more about our offer.