About iotcomms.io

Rapid growing digitalization in the society, both private and public changes the way we communicate with each other. Not only communication is context based, more importantly new services based on a number of microservices are tied together.

Growing amount of devices, humans and services gets connected with each other. But the fragmentation of real time communication standards makes it hard.

iotcomms.io platform enables serverless and microservices development built on more than 20 years of experience in SIP, VoIP and business critical communication. Our vast experience in telecom and internet technology makes us experts in the field of real time Internet communication.

We bridge real time communication services by offering support for protocols such as SCAIP, SIP, SIPRec, WebRTC, RTP and higher level building blocks such as IVRs, recording functions, queues and , DTMF events and allow integration with other services via REST APIs and event mechanisms such as AWS SNS and SQS.

Headquarter: Stockholm, Sweden