18 May, 2019

Meet us at AWS Summit in Stockholm

  The AWS Summit Stockholm brings together the cloud computing community to connect, collaborate and learn about AWS. Also this…
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31 January, 2019

iotcomms.io contributes back chai-sip to the community

iotcomms.io contributes back chai-sip, a plugin to the Chai.js assertion library that allows writing of  test cases simulating SIP endpoints…
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11 January, 2019

The challenge when closing the PSTN!

Digitalization is rapidly progressing while millions of devices such as i.e. cameras, alarms, telecare, intercom systems and similar are connected to…
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17 December, 2018 / Article

Another public cloud launch, AWS 5th site in Europe! Why is this so important to understand?

Amazon Web Services this week announced the opening of their 5th site in Europe. Some people tend to believe that it’s just a bunch of servers for virtualization and storage but that’s wrong.
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