IOT Communications and Skyresponse has extended its agreement where IOT Communications provide Skyresponse with SCAIP functionality (CENELEC TS 50134) for its cloud-based alarm platform.

The function allows signaling of alarms and the mechanism to establish voice and video calls between the alarm center and telecare unit based on the SCAIP standard. Calls might be established via VOIP/SIP or via GSM and PSTN integration for care units such as Doro, Neat, Tunstall and Climax.

Over the last year more than 50 million SCAIP messages has passed between the company’s platforms and care units. SCAIP is an extension to SIP that is used to transmit alarm events.

The function support API’s such as: Receive and send SCAIP messages, place and receive incoming calls, REST, AWS SNS and AWS SQS.

Skyresponse is a leading supplier of management solutions for handling and distribution of alarms and deviation events from IoT connected products. The solution assure that the right person, resource or system is always reached. Skyresponse develops solutions that could be applied within various IoT applications and are ideally suited to the growing Telecare area.

IOT Communications bridge real time communication services supporting multitude of use cases for mission critical applications. It enables companies to use modern serverless and microservice architecture and provide real time communication services at scale. IOT Communication offer support for protocols such as SCAIP, SIP, SIPRec, WebRTC, RTP and higher-level building blocks such as IVRs, recording functions, queues and DTMF events and allow integration with other services via REST APIs and event mechanisms such as AWS SNS and SQS.

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