We are excited to be exhibiting at the International Technology Enabled Care Conference in Birmingham, 27-28 March

Come by our stand, see our live demo, and learn how you can build the most modern cloud-based care alarm communication!
We enable providers of care alarm solutions, platforms, devices, or services to build modern alarm, voice, and video communication with our cloud-native communications platform and Alarmbridge offering. Whether providing offerings for dispersed housing or group livings, we have the communications platform for you.

Come by our stand to discover

A live demonstration of the iotcomms.io platform, showing capabilities such as Alarmbridge, voice and video communication and WebRTC.
A live demonstration of the iotcomms.io platform, showing capabilities such as Alarmbridge, voice and video communication and WebRTC.
How to prolong the life of analog care devices or control units while smoothly moving to an all-IP alarm communication.
How you can make your solution compliant to SCAIP and/or Now-IP.
The possibility of integrating VoIP calling as part of the alarm session and how this impacts agents’ efficiency and care takers’ security.
The valuable in-call commands that is enabled with our platform.
We’d love to talk to you about the advantages that the care alarm industry can gain from a cloud-based and all-IP alarm, voice, and video communication. Read more about our care alarm communication offerings further down on this page and book a meeting to make sure we don’t miss each other!


March 27-28

The ICC @stand 27
8 Centenary Square,
Birmingham, B1 2EA

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The Voice Of Technology Enabled Care (TEC)
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iotcomms.io – A TSA member organization

Build care alarm communication the modern way

The iotcomms.io communications platform lets you​​:

Easily migrate from analog to all-IP

Migrate from analog-based alarm communication to digital and cloud-based communication in a smooth manner.

Avoid the telecom complexities

Avoid having to handle all the telecom complexities such as protocol fragmentation, codecs, or advanced call flows yourself – we’ll take care of that.

Innovate faster

Speed up innovation time and get faster to market with reliable all-IP alarm communication.

Scale without limits

Scale your business effortlessly and without limits, across geographies or into new customer segments

iotcomms.io allows us to handle variations, whether it is various protocols or devices, in a unified way. With iotcomms.io we can reduce the complexity and move fast to the market.

We are excited to be working with iotcomms.io, to deliver the Alarmbridge to our customers in the UK. Our combined solutions are at the forefront of wireless, digital technology and will provide innovative options for our health, housing and social care partners at any stage of their digital journey.

To make sure we don’t miss each other, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to book a meeting!
Meet iotcomms.io in Birmingham at 2023 ITEC

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