, provider of a serverless platform for real-time communication services and TeleAlarm, provider of hardware and software solutions for home care services, announces today the validation of the TeleAlarm TA7x family for SCAIP and VoiP functionality on the cloud communication platform. This enables TeleAlarm’s customers, currently using the analogue interface, to migrate to a digital solution using the’s platform.

As the elderly population is growing in size as well as life expectancy at birth, the need for digital services and solutions for people living at home or in group living is increasing. At the same time the European close down of the PSTN is a fueling factor which force a migration to digital Telecare.

TeleAlarm is one of the leading providers of care phones in the European market and provides analogue and digital care phones to the market. With the increased focus on upgrading the installed base to digital systems and enable Alarm Receiving Centers to become SCAIP compliant, and TeleAlarm has successfully completed test and verification of both SCAIP and VoIP functionality of the TeleAlarm device in the platform.

The’s cloud service “SCAIP as a function” connects Telecare units with Alarm Receiving Centers and is the optimal choice if you want to move from an analogue to digital Telecare solution without having to worry about telecom complexity and expensive development projects.

To become SCAIP compliant and move to a digital solution of our TeleAlarm devices, is an important step for us to secure that our users are future proofed. The digital interfaces have since 2017 been build into our devices, so the shift does not require any hardware change.

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About TeleAlarm

TeleAlarm is a provider of hardware and software solutions that help elderly people and people with physical disabilities to lead a self-determined life in their familiar environment. The company is building on over thirty years of expertise in the area of home emergency calls.

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