, provider of a platform for mission critical communication services, announces today a seed investment from Telia Ventures. The financing will be used to fund the company’s continued growth and further investments in its leading platform.
In the connected world of today, where people, processes, services and things communicate at higher pace and more frequently than ever, the technology landscape becomes very fragmented. This create high pressure on software companies to develop faster, to adapt to customer demands and at the same time be more cost-efficient. is responding to the change in the technology landscape by enabling software companies to integrate mission critical communication services in into their products and save development time and cost. This is a growing market and we are excited to support the company in its journey ahead.

We are very proud to be recognized for our thought leadership by Telia Ventures. Together we share the insight that software companies need to move to more modern ways of developing solutions. platform offers a flexible and cost-efficient way to integrate real time voice and video services into processes and solutions.

Our communication platform offers “Functions as a Service (FaaS)” from the cloud to software developers. With this approach software companies can shorten its time-to-market and focus on its core competences. We have high growth ambitions and our functions connect things, processes and people in multiple customer segments.

In the customer base of there are large and established corporates, but also smaller solutions developers. Customers are both Swedish and international in multiple segments.

The company was founded 2018 in Stockholm and is developing, a Communication Platform as a service (CPaaS) for mission critical voice and video communication.

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As the venture capital arm of Telia Company, Telia Ventures is looking for innovative ideas in consumer tech, enterprise software and network. Telia Ventures wants to partner with teams that have ambitions and capabilities to elevate products, services and how we connect in society in a secure and sustainable way.

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About, founded 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden, offers a cloud-native communication platform for real-time alarm, voice and video communication services. The platform is designed for critical applications and services attracting companies within sectors such as Security & Alarm, Unified Communication, Contact Centers, Smart Buildings and IoT.’s APIs coupled with the company’s deep competence and experience in designing critical communication services, enable Solution Providers to build reliable and secure solutions that scale effortlessly – both in size and globally.

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Modern CPaaS built cloud-native from ground up – we run the operations for you so you can focus on your customers’ experience.


Built for mission critical alarm, voice & video services – delivering superior reliability, security and availability.

Built with serverless functions in AWS for unlimited scale, reach and global deployment – extend to new markets quick and easy.

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