Avassa’s edge PaaS for application orchestration enables new robust hybrid cloud-edge deployments of iotcomms.io’s cloud native communications services

iotcomms.io, provider of a serverless platform for real-time communications services, and Avassa, provider of an application-centric edge PaaS, announce today that they have entered a collaboration to address specific customer needs for edge-centric deployments.
Edge computing use cases span across a variety of industries with benefits such as application autonomy for minimized downtime and improved data privacy. These are specifically important to meet enterprise, government and industry specific requirements. To deliver on the above, iotcomms.io will enable its customers to select a hybrid cloud-edge application delivery augmented by Avassa’s edge PaaS. This ensures a robust and efficient delivery of mission critical communications services.

For some sectors we see an interest in hybrid application delivery options. Avassa’s edge PaaS enables us not only to run, but to orchestrate edge applications efficiently and to manage them with the same control as our cloud services even when they are distributed across edge sites.

Avassa is happy to see more companies getting ready to take their edge application orchestration to the next level.

iotcomms.io has a unique serverless communications platform allowing companies to build innovative cloud native communications services. We couldn’t be happier to be given the confidence of enabling iotcomms.io to manage edge applications efficiently, securely and robustly. We look forward to a long-term collaboration together.

Car Moberg, CTO Avassa

Carl Moberg, CTO Avassa

For more information, please contact

Gunnar Reinholdsen
Co-founder iotcomms.io
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Carl Moberg
CTO Avassa
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Amy Simonson
Marketing Manager Avassa
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Founded in 2020, Avassa is a Sweden-based startup that has created an application-centric edge PaaS to manage applications on edge compute resources. Application teams deploy and manage applications using well-known tools and practices across large numbers of locations where location matters. With Avassa’s, it’s possible to target use cases where application instances are deployed in many locations and where the user requires precise control of application versioning and placement.


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