, a serverless platform for real-time communications services, and Telness, the first digital mobile operator for enterprises and entrepreneurs, announces today that they have entered into an agreement for to provide cloud native communications services, making Telness Unified Communication platform 100% cloud native.

The pandemic has shown the importance of reliable and modern Unified Communication solutions with the ability to respond to rapidly changing market dynamics. Cloud technology revolutionizes how we communicate and enables companies to scale their digital solutions as they grow. Today, many cloud solutions still depend on hardware and monolithic software design, which significantly reduces flexibility and the ability to launch new solutions.

With as a vendor, Telness Unified Communication platform is 100% cloud native with unlimited opportunities to scale in the public cloud. Initially, provides media services and WebRTC functionality to Telness, with additional functionality in the future to support demand and growth.

We are delighted to support Telness in their inspiring journey, and are looking forward to continuing our collaboration and provide further cloud native services to Telness’ Unified Communication solution.

We have been impressed by capabilities, and their platform gives us more flexibility in rapidly launching new functionalities to the market and positions ourselves for further accelerating innovation and growth in Sweden and globally.

For more information, please contact

Gunnar Reinholdsen
+46 72 240 95 95

Jonas Cedenwing
CTO, Telness
+46 79 101 3370 and Telness in 100% cloud native unified communication collaboration

Martina Klingvall Holmström, Founder & CEO Telness, Jonas Cedenwing, CTO Telness, Gunnar Reinholdsen and Jörgen Björkner, Co-founders

About Telness

Telness, a self-service digital mobile subscription and cloud-based PBX switchboard for enterprises and entrepreneurs, was founded in 2016 in Stockholm to simplify telecom through innovation, modern technology, and hassle-free customer service.

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About, founded 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden, offers a cloud-native communication platform for real-time alarm, voice and video communication services. The platform is designed for critical applications and services attracting companies within sectors such as Security & Alarm, Unified Communication, Contact Centers, Smart Buildings and IoT.’s APIs coupled with the company’s deep competence and experience in designing critical communication services, enable Solution Providers to build reliable and secure solutions that scale effortlessly – both in size and globally.

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