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Our Functional Areas

Our functions are built for massive scale and mission critical deployments.

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SIP Call and Messaging Functions

We provide mission critical serverless functions that connect sensors, devices and services. Our functions provides SIP Messaging and VoIP and Video Calling

We handle the complexity of NAT Traversal, Session setup, Call Routing and Queue handling provided as serverless functions from our platform.

"SCAIP as a Function" is one example of functions telecare customers enabling connectivity between care phones and alarm response centers.

Serverless Real-Time Gateway Functions

Our platform can mediate between different real time protocols to let two sides understand each other.

Let it be transcoding between different voice or video codecs such as conversion from Opus to G.711 or connecting a RTSP surveillance camera with a WebRTC session we have the necessary tools provided as functions from our platform.

Example of protocols we work with: SIP, WebRTC, SIPRec, SCAIP, RTP, HTTP, AWS SNS, AWS SQS, RTSP, G.711, Opus, G.729 and MQTT among others.

SIPRec/Call Recording

We provide recording functions to allow you to modernize call recording in a cloud environment and get away from traditional monolithic recording applications.

Direct your communication system or SBC to our SIPRec as Function and let us know which calls to record via API. After the recording we provide the file to your location.

Serverless Media Service Functions

Modernize media handling in your applications or get rid of your legacy media server. We provide functions that allow rapid development of voicemail, IVR, ACD or other contact center functions as serverless functions using our APIs.

Example of media service functions are: Play prompts from files, use text to speech to play prompts, listen to DTMF and record audio from calls.

  • We take care of telecom complexity and allow you to focus on innovation speed and faster time to customer value

  • We enrich devices, humans and services with audio, video and communication capabilities at scale

  • We make real time communication contextual to your situation and application

  • We integrate to your platform with open API's

  • Serverless platform, with Functions as a Service (FAAS)

  • Global scale and cloud business model

  • Event based API's and integration

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