Alarmbridge is here to help you with the Digital Shift

Alarmbridge allows for a smoother migration at your own pace and future-proof your service towards a fully digital world. It mitigates challenges linked to the digital shift and helps you during the transition phase and beyond.

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Seamless bridging between worlds

Alarmbridge connects alarm events from both analogue and digital devices to basically any Alarm Receiving Centre.

Alarmbridge for Technology Enabled Care

Analogue → Digital

Alarmbridge can receive alarm calls from analogue devices, convert them to a digital output protocol or a unified API event and deliver them to a modern Alarm Receiving Centre.

This means that you can keep your existing analogue alarm devices and replace them in your own pace. serverless Alarmbridge – Integrated heartbeat service

Digital → Analogue

Alarmbridge can receive alarm events from modern digital devices, convert them to an analogue output protocol and deliver them to an Alarm Receiving Centre.

This means that you can connect modern devices to your existing Alarm Receiving Centre, and migrate to a digital receiving platform whenever timing is right.

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→ Alarmbridge receives alarm events from devices using analogue or digital protocols to transmit alarms and from devices sending alarms as API events.
→ The alarm events are converted and sent to the alarm receiving platform using an analogue or digital output protocol.

→ The alarm events can also be delivered to the receiving platform through a unified API.

Supported Telecare devices

Alarmbridge supports Telecare devices from a range of vendors.
Support for equipment from other vendors can be added upon request.

Value-added Functionality

Take advantage of Alarmbridge full capability and further develop your solution with our secure communications building blocks. serverless Alarmbridge – Integrated heartbeat service

Heartbeat Service

Secure building blocks for voice services

Voice Services serverless Alarmbridge – Value-added real-time functionality

Video Services


Smooth Migration

Keep your analogue alarm devices and replace them in your own pace.

Connect modern alarm devices to your solution and let them co-exist with legacy devices.

Migrate to a digital Alarm Receiving Platform whenever timing is right.

Fast to Market

No need to install any hardware on site through modern cloud solution & serverless architecture.

Get access to experts with 20+ years of experience in critical communications.

Save time & hassle with agnostic solution that works across devices & receiving platforms.


Transition to a decoupled alarm service and open up for future best-of-breed services.

Further develop your solution with secure voice & video building blocks.

Stay ahead of competition by offering a superior customer experience.

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cPaaS that you can trust for
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