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A modern telecare solution that is built around digital interfaces instead of analogue signals increases flexibility, reliability and functionality. It also offers the opportunity to connect several sensors to the telecare unit.

A key factor for the digital migration is standards compliance where SCAIP, Social Care Alarm Internet Protocol, is a key building block. Still many alarm devices and alarm receiving platforms lack compliance with the SCAIP standard. Adding SCAIP support is both complex and costly, and can slow down time to market – but we have a solution for you!

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The shift from analog to digital telecare

When telecare devices started to be used in the 1960’s, analogue protocols and the fixed network was the only and obvious choice. Since then, the telecommunication network has continuously evolved and both mobile networks and fiber networks have more and more taken over the role of communication.

In many markets, the analogue care devices are still dominant causing problems such as call failures, reliability issues and lack of functionality and security. Digitalization of the telecare market provides devices and systems that are always connected allowing sensors and care devices to continuously share information with a receiving platform, which leads to improved monitoring of devices.

SCAIP is a key building block for digital migration

A key factor for the migration is standards compliance, where the SCAIP/CENELEC TS 50134-9 standard is a key building block. But adding SCAIP support it is both complex and costly, and can slow down time to market.

One of the challenges today is that many devices, such as smart assistants, IoT and care devices, do not comply to the SCAIP standard and neither do many alarm receiving and contact centers.

Care alarm flow with heartbeat service

How to become SCAIP compliant

We make it easy for device manufacturers and receiving platforms to comply to the SCAIP standard through integration with a cloud service.
Connect SCAIP devices to Alarm Monitoring Systems & Contact Centre Solutions lacking SCAIP support

Making your receiving
platform SCAIP compliant

If you want to connect SCAIP enabled devices to an alarm receiving platform or contact center solution lacking SCAIP support, we can help!

  • We receive the SCAIP message from the device and convert the signaling to standard HTTP messaging
  • We deliver the alarm event to the receiving platform through a REST API
  • We can also bridge from SCAIP to other alarm protocols supported by the receiving platform
Connect digital alarm devices to analogue alarm receiving centre

Making your IoT & care devices SCAIP compliant

If you want to connect digital devices lacking SCAIP support to an alarm receiving platform requiring SCAIP, we can help!

  • You integrate to our platform via a REST API and call our Alarmbridge API to trigger the alarm event
  • We convert the alarm event to a SCAIP message and send it to the SCAIP compliant receiving platform
  • The alarm event may also trigger a voice between your device and a phone system

Example Use Case

The flexibility built into the APIs enable numerous different use cases combining various functions with different end points. The use case below are just one example, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific use case.

Alarm flow with heartbeat service between care alarm device and receiving platform

  • Digital protocol SCAIP from device
  • API Integration to receiving platform
  • Alarm communication
  • Protocol conversion
  • Heartbeat/Monitoring service
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Read about how we helped two of our customers to become SCAIP compliant!

Supported Telecare Devices supports a wide range of device manufacturers and can connect to receiving platforms through a variety of protocols. Support for equipment from other vendors can be added upon request.

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Talk to us today to learn how we can help your become SCAIP compliant!

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