Recording of calls made easy

In many businesses recording of voice calls between two parties is crucial. For example contact centers, governments and financial institutions might have it as a mandatory requirement. It can be used for educational or efficiency purposes, to comply with regulatory requirements or simply to keep track of what happens during a call.

Recording solutions has traditionally been tied to on-premise deployment and based on purpose-built hardware. In effect, many of the existing solutions in operation today are both expensive and time-consuming to upgrade. Call Recording as a function makes it easy to modernize your existing recording service and simplify it by a shift to the cloud.

Our ready to use communication functions allows you to streamline your development process and gives you the building blocks you need to create a state-of-the-art solution in short time. Focus your efforts on designing the optimal customer experience and leave the communication protocols to us.

Call Recording as a function from

SIPRec (Session Recording Protocol) is an open protocol for call recordings and is industry standard today. It is supported by a large number of voice platforms and SBC vendors.

Call Recording as a function is a fully managed service based on SIPRec, operated by The function lets you record SIP based sessions (calls) to MP3 format. You may decide which calls to record and where to store the recorded files. Simple as that!

The platform is built in a modern way utilizing the power of public cloud infrastructure. With our serverless recording function you can record calls without the need of any local software, hardware or servers. We take care of it all from our cloud platform.

Enables recording of calls from SIPRec compliant voice platforms and posting of files in designated storage area

Cloud-based solution that
automatically scales
to meet your capacity needs

No need to worry about
software, hardware, licenses, server
management or availability





Direct your voice platform or Session Border Control (SBC) towards our recording service.

Integrate with our APIs to control which calls to record and where to store the recordings.

The recordings are transcoded into MP3 audio file format. Multiple codecs are supported.

Call Recording as a function from

Easily integrated into your solution

Your voice platform or SBC are connected to the platform via SIPRec. Once the call is recorded a file is produced and placed at the appointed storage location. Multi stream recordings may be mapped to different audio channels for different participants. By using SIPRec as protocol the recording service can be placed in a separate location and deployed in a public cloud environment. As a result, the solution will be secure, agile and prepared for massive scale.


Decide which calls to record or not – record the calls and store them as files

Post the recorded files on designated storage location 

GDPR compliant – data processing within EU or other regions

Support of multiple codecs to transcode to common audio formats

Encryption is applied in transit and at rest


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With more than 20 years of experience in developing critical applications for business communication you can trust to handle telecom complexity such as servers, certificates and protocol competencies while you simply add our recording function to your overall communication solution.

We’ll make sure that you succeed with your project and give you comprehensive functionality to help you stay ahead of competition. We are happy to share insights from our reference customers and tell you more about our offer.