Enables alarm centers to become SCAIP/CENELEC TS 50134-9 compliant and get GSM andVOIP capabilities

Modern Telecare solutions are built around IP interfaces instead of analogue signals.The digital interface will increase reliability, functionality and offers the opportunity to connect several sensors to the Telecare unit. A key factor for the transformation is standards compliance, where SCAIP/CENELEC TS 50134 is a key building block.
By using SCAIP as a function we help you to move from an analogue to digital Telecare solution in a serverless fashion, without any additional servers and make your alarm center compliant to SCAIP/CENELEC TS 50134-9 . Calls can be made over GSM or VOIP to alarm center.
SCAIP as a Function

SCAIP/CENELEC TS 50134 is a standard describing how to connect and communicate between telecare units and alarm centers via IP networks.

It is built as an extension to the well established voice and video over IP protocol SIP. Therefore the protocol not only allow for signaling of alarms, it also provides mechanisms to establish voice and video calls between the alarm center and the telecare unit.

SIP and telecommunication in general adds a lot of complexity and require specialized skillsets. SCAIP as a Function hides this complexity and allows the alarm service developers to focus on platform values.


SCAIP as a Function offers integration between telecare units and alarm platforms via SCAIP and SIP interfaces.

The function provides APIs  delivering events upon reception of alarm events and calls and offer alarm platforms to generateSCAIP messages and establish calls back to telecare units.

Calls may be established via VoIP/SIP or via the built in GSM and PSTN integration and the alarm center may use the WebRTC interface to connect the calls.


SCAIP as Function

Protocol support:

  • RTP
  • SRTP
  • PSTN/GSMaccess
  • WebRTC
API support:
  • Received SCAIP message event
  • Send SCAIP message
  • Incoming call event
  • Place call
  • REST
Supported suppliers:
  • Neat
  • Doro
  • Tunstall
  • Climax