Enables migration from monolithic call recording applications to cloud and Microservices

Modern software is built utilizing the power of public cloud infrastructure and designed around a set of microservices. Traditionally call recording solutions has been tied to on premise deployment and special purpose built expensive hardware solutions. This makes it hard to modernize.
By using SIPRec as protocol to interface the communication platform the recording service can be placed in a separate location and deployed in a public cloud environment. The service receive SIPRec connections and produces files with the recorded calls to be accessed from the application 
SIPRec in – Recording file out

Direct your communication system or SBC towards the SIPRec service and integrate with the APIs provided by the service to control which call to record and where to store the recordings. That’s all! No more server management, software maintenance or unplanned interruptions. As a true cloud service capacity will match your demand.


Thefunction allows web based applications such as:

The communication system connects via SIPRec to the service. Once the call is recorded a file is produced and put at the appointed storage location. The solution support multiple codecs to be transcoded into common audio file formats. Multi stream recordings may be mapped to different audio channels for different participants.

GDPR and privacy

Recorded calls are truly personal data. The service helps addressing GDPR related issues by offering processing within EU or other regions. Encryption is applied intransit and at rest.


SIPRec SRS Function

Protocol support:

  • RFC3261 – SIP
  • RFC3550 –  RTP
  • RFC7865 – SIPRec metadata
  • RFC7866 – SIPRec protocol

Codec support:

  • G.711aLaw
  • G.711uLaw
  • G.722
  • G.729
  • AMR
  • AMR-wb