Integrating real-time voice & video in safety-critical systems and smart devices

How can real-time voice and video communication be integrated in critical systems and new smart devices? Is the answer a new kind of communications platform for use-cases where safety and security is crucial?

This whitepaper, written by Industry Analyst Dean Bubley, explores the communications platform market and the differences between conventional and systems-embedded communications platforms.

Learn about key characteristics of a cloud communications platform for safety-critical applications and smart devices
Read about catalysts and drivers of change – how will the trend towards cloud communications affect legacy solutions?

Get inspiration – how can real-time cloud communications bring forth new innovative solutions across industries?

Dean Bubley is a global outspoken industry analyst and futurist, with huge experience in areas such as cPaaS, WebRTC, 5G and telecom strategy. He is known for his visionary but challenging opinions, his online presence as @disruptivedean, and is regularly seen at live and virtual conferences around the world and quoted in publications such as The Economist, FT and Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Bubley’s clients include many of the world’s leading and most innovative telecom operators. Make sure to follow him on Linkedin and  Twitter.

Dean Bubley

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