Service integration & migration

High-level view of the integration service provided by and migration of existing deployed devices.

IP based protocols such as SCAIP, CENELEC TS 50134-9 and BS 8521-2:2020 connect with using either public Internet access or through private network connections terminated in mobile network APNs. The service is designed for maximum security with multiple active nodes deployed in multiple geographic regions and also addresses IP related complexity such as NAT and firewall traversal.

A device monitoring API is provided to listen for SIP registration and dialog state change callback events. The monitoring API can be used to develop applications showing if a device is on-line or in a call.

Alarmbridge integrates analogue devices using a SIP trunk that is configured to interwork with The trunk provides phone numbers that the analogue device place a phone call to when an alarm event is sent. Then a call is set up with the Alarmbridge which connects the call and manage the incoming alarm call.

To migrate existing deployed devices without costly and time consuming re-provisioning of devices, already existing phone numbers may be ported into a trunk pointing to the service. For IP based devices the DNS records are modified to point to the service.

Example 1

Below is an example of a social care alarm event originating from an analogue device that is followed by a voice call into an alarm center.

Example 2

Another example of an alarm event from a device using the SCAIP protocol.
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