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Build call recording – it's just an API away!

Build outstanding call recording solutions with our easy-to-use APIs. Ensuring any call scenario is successfully recorded securely and with high quality – either in the cloud or using a hybrid model.
Select our platform for your voice communication and easily add call recording, or integrate your existing voice platform to and build your call recording applications.

Key capabilities

Key capabilities of our Call Recording Services.
How do you want to build your solution – as part of your voice services or do you want to bring your own voice platform? We support both ways!

Build call recording as part of your voice services

Select our platform for your voice communication and easily add call recording functionality, using the mediaservice API.

Enable dynamic start and stop of recordings for any ongoing call. Incoming calls are connected to a second destination – a user or a voicemail – at the same time as the call is recorded.

Other functionalities provided by our mediaservice API include play prompts, listen for tones and call routing.

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Add call recording to your existing voice platform with SIPRec​

Integrate your existing voice platform to the SIPRec API and build your call recording applications.

An MP3 file of the recorded call will be produced and stored at an appointed location in the cloud. The recorded file can after the recording be trimmed and masked.

Our service is built for massive scale, and highest availability and security!

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In many businesses recording of voice calls is crucial. For contact centers, governments, and financial institutions it might even be a mandatory requirement.

Use it for educational or efficiency purposes or simply just to keep track of what is happening during a call.

Recording solutions have traditionally been tied to on-premises deployment and based on purpose-built hardware. This makes them expensive and time-consuming to upgrade. You can avoid this with our cloud-native call recording functionalities.

Should your customers require a hybrid deployment model, the platform is the ideal fit.

Avoid the hardware hassle with cloud native Call Recording

Cloud Native​

Eyerything runs serverless in the cloud, without any need to invest in local hardware, software or personnel.​

Scalable & Reliable​

Scale both in size and geography. The services are built for unlimited scale and reliability by design.​​

Pay For What You Use

Our serverless backend and micro service-based design enables you to pay only for what you record.​​

Simplified Operations​

We operate the service for you while you can focus on your end customers.​​

Rapid Integration​​​

The services are fast to deploy using our easy-to-use APIs.​​

Out-of-the-Box Security​​​

The services are encrypted both in transit and at rest.​​

Our customers experience reduced cost, improved time to market and increased quality
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