Modernize your communications infrastructure with serverless voice & video

A SIP system takes many forms. Whereas simple peer-to-peer communication can be easily set-up, critical solutions and complex use cases with high reliability and security requirements is both costly and time consuming to establish and maintain. Also, it requires niche skills. Let our serverless and cloud-based SIP Server, built for unlimited scale and strongest security, do the job for you!

Health & Social Care

Connect devices and provide SIP messaging and VoIP calling.

Security Industries

Integrate voice & video
responses to alarm and
sensor events.

IoT Industries

Enrich IoT devices and services with audio, video and communications capabilities.


Connect unlimited elevator phones with echo service and emergency calls to alarm centres.

Smart Buildings

Connect your door intercom with real-time voice & video to any phone or screen.


Secure building blocks for video services


Connect with your customers wherever they are SIP Server as a Service allows you to connect unlimited number of SIP and WebRTC devices and build use cases with voice and video calling between devices on your network, as well as externally through trunk connections.

Modernize your communications infrastructure and create successful customer experiences by enriching devices, humans and applications with integrated voice & video services.


Leave the complexity to us

Integrate voice and video services without worrying about telecom complexity. Let us handle NAT traversal, call control, encryption, authentication, registrar and protocols, while you focus on building call flows that suits your needs.

Integrate voice and video services without worrying about telecom complexity
Enrich your IoT devices with voice & video communications


Enrich your IoT devices with
voice & video communications

SIP Server as a Service allows you to connect IoT devices such as cameras, alarm devices, intercoms, elevators and drones to enable secure voice and video communications to and from the devices.

Regular SIP phones, in-app calling and WebRTC applications can be integrated as well.


Create interactive real-time communications services

With our serverless real-time media services you can easily integrate a wide area of media features and functionality into your use case without the need of any local hardware, software or servers.

Easily implement media services like IVR, recording, prompt handling and echo services into your solution.

Create interactive real-time communications services​
Secure building blocks for video services


Build solutions with strongest security and policy-based enforcement

SIP Server as a Service is designed according to secure design principles with highest possible encryption and authentication in mind. Policy-enforced calling allows specified users to only call pre-approved users in the system.

AWS cloud infrastructure and services deployed across redundant availability zones grants high availability. All services are monitored in real time, 24/7.


Customer Excellence

Quickly add secure voice and video calling capabilities to your solution.

Integrate media services such as IVR, voice alerts, recording, echo service and music.

Make calls to and from phones, SIP devices, mobile apps and regular browsers.

Fast to Market

No need to install any hardware on site through modern cloud solution & serverless architecture.

Let us handle the telecom complexity and connect to our platform through open APIs.

Focus on core business and save time & operations cost by using our serverless functionality.


Scale to unlimited number of devices in any market.

Enhance your communications infrastructure with a service built for strongest security and mission critical design.

Get access to functions built upon 20+ years of experience in SIP, VoIP and critical communication.

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