Event-based notifications

Get notified about events such as registration of a SIP device or initiation of a SIP session and invoke additional service logic based on the notifications.

Build event-based notifications quick & easy

Event-based notifications are easily built with iotcomms.io SIP Server functionality. An example of event-based notifications are activities that can be performed as a result of the registration or session initiation of a SIP device.

A SIP device that is registered or initiates a session is a kind of information that can be acted upon and invoke additional service logic or trigger other events of your choice.

The SIP server functionality has a built-in feature that triggers the notifications. If you are a AWS customer you will receive the notification from the AWS SNS service, in other cases the notifications are sent using HTTPS callbacks to your platform.

This illustration shows an event-based notification triggered by a SIP voice call.

iotcomms.io SIP Server

Our SIP Server as a Service is a cloud-hosted SIP service enabler. It includes all you need from a SIP infrastructure to get your SIP devices, such as cameras, IoT devices, phones, doorbells, elevators etc, online and ready to use.

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