Video intercom

Build cloud-based intercom and access control solutions with SIP- and WebRTC-based voice and video communication providing extra value to your customers.

Enable voice & video calling in your intercom solution

Allow visitors to communicate with video to a tenant’s mobile phone, tablet, softphone etc via SIP or WebRTC clients. Alternatively, the video can be distributed to a reception or surveillance center.

You can easily pre-configure your front door intercom panels using the SIP server functionality from our Developer Web Portal or with our provisioning APIs.

We have packaged everything you need to get started with your video intercom solution in easy-to-use APIs!

Build video intercom solutions with our cloud-native communications platform

Connect the video call to a tenant’s screen or distribute the call to a receptionist or surveillance center – either acting as an internal user of the system with a WebRTC client, or connected via a SIP trunk using the internet, a private IP connection or over VPN.

Once the video enabled intercom units are registered and pre-configured to dial a specific SIP URL, our SIP server functionality will handle the incoming SIP session and route the call to the tenant’s screen or to a surveillance center – either directly if the center is registered as a SIP device or by using the private SIP trunk.

For intercom solutions lacking SIP support

Is your existing intercom solution lacking SIP support? We can help you bridge analogue and digital protocols! Check out our Alarmbridge to learn more.

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