WebRTC interworking

Add WebRTC capabilities to enable browser-based voice or video calling with our easy-to-use APIs!

Enable browser-based calling

Offer voice and/or video communication directly from the web browser. WebRTC is natively supported in the iotcomms.io platform and is treated as just another SIP device.

This allows the iotcomms.io to act as an interworking function – a WebRTC Gateway – between a mix of SIP and WebRTC devices and brings significant values as it simplifies the development of browser-based communication applications.

WebRTC and native SIP interworking​

The interworking function is natively built into our SIP server functionality and makes it easy to establish voice and video sessions between WebRTC and native SIP devices. The protocol interworking is taken care of by our SIP Server and audio or video sessions are established.
SIP sessions can also be established to a PBX using a private SIP trunk. With this you can easily add SIP and WebRTC clients to the PBX. Our SIP server functionality will take care of protocol interworking and make sure that audio and, depending on media supported by the private SIP trunk, video sessions are established.


Connect WebRTC supported devices to your legacy application or platform to enable browser-based calling.


Enable voice and video communication from IOT devices to WebRTC supported devices.

WebRTC peer-to-peer

Enable voice and video communication between WebRTC supported devices.

iotcomms.io WebRTC Gateway

The WebRTC interworking function works as a WebRTC gateway – learn more about how you can:

  • Manage WebRTC and SIP clients with RESTful APIs
  • Connect to external applications or make external voice calls with private or public SIP trunks
  • Handle encryption and authentication

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