Reliable end-to-end communication for group livings after the PSTN switch-off

With the ongoing transition from analog to digital, group livings’ communication through analog control units risks being a challenge for care alarm solution providers. The characteristics of group livings – with numerous alarm and voice devices connected to each control unit – make this even more critical to solve. Reliability is therefore a specifically important factor as a way to mitigate the challenges that the communication through analog control units causes.

Luckily, there are things care alarm solution providers can do to address the challenges.

The cloud-native communications platform offers a neat solution that:

The alarm and voice communication is connected to the platform over reliable SIP using a managed analog terminal adapter (ATA). The platform unpacks the communication before mapping or converting it to a digital format that the ARC can handle.

A smooth transition to all-IP

The result is a reliable alarm solution that takes advantage of modern internet connectivity while protecting the investment in analog-based control units. An ideal way to make a smooth transition to the all-IP environment!

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