Improve quality of life with digital health solutions

Digitalization of the healthcare sector is rapidly moving forward, and video solutions are playing an important role. With’s feature-rich APIs you can rapidly deploy integrated alarm, voice & video services to improve quality of living, as well as safety and economic factors.


Examples of real-time in care settings solutions for healthcare – camera surveillance of patients

Camera surveillance of patients

Easily integrate secure video cameras into your healthcare solution by using our video calling APIs. Video streams from the camera can be activated based on event or alarm triggers from other platforms, and triggers can also be received from sensors, devices or applications on other networks such as 5G, WiFi, LoRa or similar.

Combined with our APIs for WebRTC the video streams from the camera can be provided to a web browser application on a PC, mobile phone or tablet.

Camera surveillance and voice interaction with patients

Combine camera surveillance with our APIs for voice calling and get full duplex sound interaction with patients into your solution. 

The video stream from the camera and the voice stream from the speakerphone can be united into one session and connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) or a web browser application on a PC, mobile phone or tablet. solutions for healthcare – camera surveillance and voice interaction with patients solutions for healthcare – video visit

Video Visit

With video visit, elderly people or patients can communicate over video sessions with home service personnel or an Alarm Receiving Centre using a computer with a webcam, a tablet or a mobile phone.

External parties such as relatives or health care planners can be included in the video visit and our APIs will enable encrypted and secure communication between the parties.

→ Read our interview with Phoniro who has developed a video visit solution using Click here to read the interview.

Voice communication with patients

Integrate full duplex speakerphones to allow easy communication with patients or elderly people based on need. Our APIs allow incoming calls from for example an Alarm Receiving Centre or authorized relatives, but can also allow outgoing calls triggered by the patient. solutions for healthcare – voice communications with patients

Alarm event integrations

Bridge social care alarms from legacy or new devices to Alarm Receiving Centres using our Alarmbridge function. It simplifies integration between alarm devices and receiving platforms by bridging a variety of alarm protocols to a unified API or to a specific output protocol. Use our real-time APIs to integrate voice & video services with alarm event flows.

Alarmbridge supports telecare devices from Doro, Tunstall, Neat, Climax, Essence and Telealarm.

Click here to explore Alarmbridge for Technology Enabled Care.

Event or alarm based voice and video calling

Let your sensor, device or platform send an event to our platform to establish a PSTN, VoIP or video call between parties. For example, a fall sensor can trigger an alarm to establish a call between a telecare device and an Alarm Receiving Centre or a motion detector can trigger a video call to a dedicated mobile user. solutions for healthcare – event or alarm based VoIP and video calling solutions for healthcare – telemedicine


Virtual home healthcare services can enhance the patient’s and caregiver’s experience, extend the reach of home health providers, and improve connectivity with the broader care team. With our Video APIs you can build a reliable and secure telemedicine solution that allows you to communicate with patients over a web browser application on a PC, mobile phone or tablet.

In addition, our media services can be utilized to integrate functions to play sound or video media while customers are waiting in the web-que.

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