The future of IoT is borderless

By 2025, some experts forecast that more than 30 billion devices and sensors will be connected worldwide. All sectors are making investments in the area of IoT and want to leverage the huge amount of actionable data that can be processed and analyzed in order to optimize business decisions, operations and future direction.

IoT Platforms connects sensors and software to the cloud, so that data can be processed. can enrich such platforms with voice and video communications capabilities at scale, linked to events from the IoT Platform.


Industrial/Manufacturing – Industry 4.0

Transportation – Connected vehicles

Smart Cities

Healthcare – Connected healthcare & patients

Buildings – Smart buildings & Proptech brings real-time communication to IoT platforms
High level view of how fit with other IoT platforms (click to enlarge) brings real-time capabilities to IoT Platforms

Our platform enriches devices, humans and services with audio, video and communications capabilities at scale. Simply put, we act as a complement to IoT Platforms that wish to add business-critical real-time communications capabilities into their total solutions. can setup communications sessions triggered by events from an IoT Platform. With our low-level APIs, it’s possible to build a solution that make real-time communication contextual to the customer’s situation and application.

Serverless & Secure

Our serverless platform is provided globally from the public cloud. It handles the telecom complexity of firewalls, NAT traversal and session setup to let our customers focus on innovation speed and faster time to market.

The platform is built with strongest security in mind and supports smooth integration by exposure of functionality via common APIs such as:

  • MQTT
  • Amason SNS
  • Amazon SQS
  • RESThooks APIs CPaaS is designed for the modern developer with a number of communication building blocks and low-level APIs
Communications capabilities in the platform (click to enlarge)

Serverless functions


WebRTC Gateway


Call Recording

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Serverless functions built upon AWS public cloud for unlimited scale, reach & global deployment – extend to new markets quick and easy


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