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How to use the PSTN switch-off as the compelling event to modern digital technologies for alarm and security communications

Making the big switch-off smooth and simple

This article was originally published in UC Today 26 October, 2022 iotcomms.io’s modular platform is ideal for analogue-based systems and devices migrating to digital communication technologiesAll over Europe, legacy analogue telephone networks are being phased out. The UK will switch its PSTN and ISDN systems off in 2025 – and

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Develco Products

Develco Products has successfully integrated with iotcomms.io Alarmbridge to enable connectivity of white label IoT devices to Alarm Receiving Centres

iotcomms.io, a serverless platform for real-time communication services and Develco Products, a leading provider of white label products to companies within security, home care, insurtech, and energy management, announce today that Develco Products successfully has integrated with iotcomms.io Alarmbridge, enabling easy connectivity of home care and security solutions to Alarm

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Analogue is dead – long live BS8521!

Analogue is dead – long live BS8521!

Who would have thought that the BS8521:2009 protocol should see an upswing at the time when the analogue networks are in the process of being phased out? Continue reading to understand how digital care devices can work with Alarm Receiving Centres in Europe supporting the BS8521 protocol.Dusting off the BS8521

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Alarmbridge benefits for Alarm Receiving Centres & Alarm Equipment Suppliers

Simplify alarm integrations with Alarmbridge – benefits for Alarm Receiving Centres & Alarm Equipment Suppliers

Alarmbridge – works across devices & receiving platforms Let’s say you are an Alarm Receiving Centre looking to modernize architecture, expand protocol support and enable interworking between different supplier technologies. Or a company building products that need to integrate with existing deployed alarm devices and alarm receiving platforms. Where would

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