The end of IP Media Servers – Long live IP Media Services

The end of IP Media Servers – Long live IP Media Services!

For many years IP media servers have been used in telecommunication solutions to process audio and video services. This applies for enterprise as well as network operator applications. Typically, IP media servers have been used to playback prompts, detect DTMF, transcode, build voice mails or interactive voice responses (IVR). In

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Meet our customer Telness Technologies

Meet our customer Telness Technologies

Interview with Jonas Cedenwing We had a chat with Jonas Cedenwing, Co-founder of Telness who recently joined Telness Technologies as the CEO, to talk about their products and collaboration with Read the interview with Jonas to see what he has to say! Jonas Cedenwing, Co-founder & CEO at Telness

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Telness, a Swedish telecom startup, becomes 100% cloud-based through collaboration with and prepares for global expansion, a serverless platform for real-time communications services, and Telness, the first digital mobile operator for enterprises and entrepreneurs, announces today that they have entered into an agreement for to provide cloud native communications services, making Telness Unified Communication platform 100% cloud native.The pandemic has shown the importance of

Read more → to provide media services for Telia ACE IVR solution to provide media services for Telia ACE IVR solution, provider of a platform for mission-critical communications services, announces today an agreement with Telia Company. will power Telia’s Enterprise Contact Center platform Telia ACE with cloud-based media services to modernize its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution.Telia ACE is the leading cloud contact center platform in the Nordics, included

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