to power the new service “Video Visit” for elderly care from Phoniro

Meet our customer Phoniro

Interview with Mikael Hamström We had a chat with Mikael Hamström, CTO at Phoniro, to learn more about Phoniro’s services, trends within welfare technology, and why they chose to work with Read the interview with Mikael to see what he has to say! Mikael Hamström, CTO at PhoniroCan you

Read more → to power the new service “Video Visit” for elderly care from Phoniro to power Phoniros service “Video Visit” for elderly care, provider of a platform for mission critical communication services, announces today an agreement with Phoniro AB, an Assa Abloy company dedicated to delivering digital homecare solutions for elderly people. will power Phoniro’s new service “Video Visit” and also provide SCAIP functionality for alarm handling. With the onset of

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IOT Communications provide “SCAIP as a function” to Skyresponse.

IOT Communications provide “SCAIP as a function” to Skyresponse

IOT Communications and Skyresponse has extended its agreement where IOT Communications provide Skyresponse with SCAIP functionality (CENELEC TS 50134) for its cloud-based alarm platform. The function allows signaling of alarms and the mechanism to establish voice and video calls between the alarm center and telecare unit based on the SCAIP

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