Below are a few examples of use cases that the IOT Communications platform is able to fulfil. Click on the heading or images for more detailed use case descriptions.

Connected Alarms Modern alarm systems drives demand for sophisticated two way real time communication functionality such as live video transmission and intercom capabilities. IOT Communications provides the building block for alarm solution providers to accelerate innovation.
Connected Cars While modern cars are connected to Internet, it is a fragmented world of connectivity and it is not unlikely that the car contains several modems connecting vertical applications. IOT Communications enables car manufacturers to provide more efficient communication solutions and user experiences.
Connected Buildings Connecting smart building drives the need for scalable real time communication services to connect devices with persons. For example surveillance, entry and intercom solutions.
Connected Elevator IOT communications platform provides real time voice and video communication connectivity between elevators and service engineers or emergency centers. The call queue function provides functionality to hold the session until a person is available to handle the call.
Connected Telecare enables telecare applications by connecting telecare devices and alarm centers. The SCAIP/CENELEC, SIP or PSTN interfaces combined with the event based APIS provide real-time communication capabilities to alarm platforms.
Entrance Systems Door entry for facilities are up for a big facelift, thanks to IoT! We at IoT communication have developed a solution for multiple buildings, multiple users and multiple door entry systems that will enable video communication from intercoms to mobile phones via ordinary call, to mobile apps or web browsers via WebRTC.
IOT Devices with video and WebRTC This video demonstrates an alarm application deployed on a Raspberry Pi using the real time video SDK and APIs that securely connects with a WebRTC browser via the platform when the alarm button is pressed. This allow an operator to see the surveillance video from the attached camera.
Connected machinery This use case improves efficiency by avoiding sending a human to false alarms. If a connected machine generates an alarm a human may establish a real time audio and video connection to assess the situation before spending time to get there in person.

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