Inspirational platform use cases – solutions made possible with the platform

The serverless communications functions in the platform can be utilized in many different industries and for many different purposes. Here are a few examples of use cases that our platform is capable to fulfill.

Keep elderly safe with home monitoring and remote communication

A modern solution for elderly care that includes home monitoring and remote communication is important to keep elderly safe at home. Find out how we can help!

Video communication between isolated patients and health care workers

With the platform, it’s easy to put together a solution for communication and remote surveillance of isolated patients.
Find out how!

Bring voice and video communications to installed base of elevators

With the communications functions in our platform, it’s easy to brings real-time voice and video communications capabilities to any existing elevator.
Find out how!

Add intercom and communications capabilities to your existing alarm system

Modern alarm systems demands sophisticated two way real-time communications functionality such as live video transmission and intercom capabilities. See how we can help! 

Experience the cloud communications platform for business-critical & secure communications

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