During the Covid-19 pandemic there has been great stress on the healthcare system to secure and provide healthcare services both in hospitals as well as in group livings for elderly persons. Safety for personnel working to provide care for isolated patients has been of greatest importance not only to keep them safe and healthy, but also as they are invaluable to provide care services to the rest of the community. 


Keep health care workers safe without running out of Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been a very scarce resource due to that more or less all countries in the world, at the same time, were purchasing PPE for employees in hospitals and group livings. The need is massive and we have all have read about the risk of running out of PPE for health care workers to stay safe.

Digital solutions can reduce the usage of PPE. The problem with many digital solutions is that they either take too much time to implement, or that they are too advanced to handle for persons with limited knowledge in the digital area.

In addition, many of the hospitals and intensive care departments has been set up on a temporary basis and created for a short period of time. Hospitals further has a strong requirement for security, which puts restrictions on how to build new solutions.


Video communication between isolated patients and health care workers

One way to reduce the need for PPE is to let health care personnel communicate with and monitor isolated patients without entering their room.

With the iotcomms.io platform, it’s easy to put together a mobile solution for surveillance and communication, that can be moved to different rooms or patients.

The proposed solution enables video calls from outside a room of an isolated patient, so that the doctor can communicate with a patient or a colleague health care worker inside the room. This will not only reduce the need for PPE, but also improve time efficiency when video can substitute entering the room.

Secure video connection between the health care worker's mobile phone and a camera inside the patient's room

A QR code sticker is placed outside the room of an isolated patient. When a health care worker scans the code with his mobile phone (or another device), the web browser in the phone is launched and an encrypted video connection is established directly to a camera placed inside the room.

The health care worker must provide an authentication code before the video call is established to ensure security. As an alternative, the QR code can be provided digitally for other medical personell to access.

Surveillance and communication solution for isolated patients

A solution with standard components to efficiently meet emerging needs

The proposed solution is based on the WebRTC Gateway from iotcomms.io in addition with standard components available in the market today. As a result, it’s fast and easy to implement! You need:

Mobile camera pole

  • Mobile phone, tablet or other device with a web browser
  • Camera with dual voice opportunities based on SIP
  • QR Code sticker
  • Mobile or fixed Internet connection
  • Mobile pole to mount the camera on

1) 3G/4G modem 2) Camera 3) Call button 4) Power

Components in a isolated patients surveillance and communication solution

The solution is based on standard components available on the market for fast and easy implementation

Video surveillance from outside the door or from anywhere remote.

Both voice and video communication without entering the room.

Secure and reliable solution with encryption and authentication.

Fast and easy to deploy solution based on standard components.

Mobile cameras that can be disinfected and moved to different rooms.

Cloud operations
Cost-effective solution that
automatically scales.


Video communication with isolated patients using iotcomms.io

The proposed solutions for video communication with isolated patients can be built using the ready-made communication functions in the iotcomms.io platform.

Our serverless platform is provided globally from the public cloud to keep you secure, agile and fully compliant. You don’t have to worry about hardware, software, licenses, bandwidth or monitoring.

We handle the telecom complexity of firewalls, NAT traversal and session setup to let you focus on innovation speed and faster time to market. Click on the button to explore our serverless communication functions.

iotcomms.io CPaaS is designed for the modern developer with a number of communication building blocks and low-level APIs
Communications building blocks in the iotcomms.io platform (click to enlarge)

Experience the cloud communications platform for business-critical & secure communications

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