Customer Values

We add clear values to our customers

Accelerate your product roadmap

Integrate our ready to use Functions as a Services (FaaS) to enhance your solution.

Let us handle mission critical real-time and telecom complexity such as servers, certificates and protocol competencies.

All our functions that enables serverless architectures provided globally from the public cloud.

Shift the way you develop your total solution.

Our functions are integrated into your solution with open API’s.

Augment Customer Experience

The world goes faster and faster and the customer requirements are getting higher and higher. The digital experience is more and more important.

Augment your customer experience by integrating  real-time communication functions in your products or processes. 

Focus on core development and innovation speed to your customers.

Benefit from industry leading expertise

With more than 20 years of experience in SIP and Business Communication critical applications we know what it takes to deliver mission critical applications for real-time communications. 

Let us handle competence, complexity, servers and certificates by simply adding our Functions as a Service to your overall solution.


Our Vision


Todays pace of technology change require CTO’s and developers to deliver on rapid change to stay competitive.


Developers would like to streamlined product development and have an effortless product life cycle.


Continued growth of connected devices require efficient solutions to protocol fragmentation, while leveraging on investments already made.



In the hyperconnected society people, processes, services and things  communicate seamlessly without any barriers. 

We are the bridge our customer relies on to exceed customer expectations and to achieve higher efficiencies.

We bring flexibility and scalability to mission critical real-time communication.


We are experts in mission critical communications and innovate together with our customers to stay ahead of competition.

We are curious to engage with our customers to build functions that can bridge fragmentation in large scale.


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