Custom build IVR flows for demanding use cases

Build customized interactive voice response (IVR) flows for demanding use cases with a unique level of flexibility. Integrate your application logic with our cloud-native communications platform, and our highly granular mediaservice API brings all the necessary functionalities to build the IVR you need.
Define how calls should be greeted and routed in your application logic. We take care of all the telecom complexity making sure the calls are handled accordingly.
Custom build IVR flows for demanding use cases ​with the mediaservice API

Build the IVR you want

You hold the logic for how calls should be greeted and interacted with while we take care of the telecom complexity to make it happen! Integrate to our mediaservice API through REST callbacks and we will handle the calls. A wide variety of API endpoints give you the flexibility to build what you want, the way you want it.

Examples of functions to use when building your IVR flow

DTMF Tone Handling​

Listen for DTMF tones and act on DTMF signaling within the IVR call flow.

Easily add DTMF tone handling in your IVR flow

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Media Playback & TTS​

Build text-to-speech (TTS) experience and play TTS files from Amazon or Google.

Easily add media playback and TTS functionality in your IVR flow

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Call Handling

Answer, initiate, split or hang-up calls. Add voice mails and auto attendants.

Easily add call handling, voice mails and auto attendants in your IVR flow

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Record phrases sent by the participant within the IVR call flow.

Easily add recording functionality in your IVR flow

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Build What You Want

No pre-made and inflexible IVR flows limiting your ability to build your unique solution exactly the way you want.

Highly Granular API

Our API provides unmatched granularity and feature rich endpoints making it easy to build the most advanced IVR use cases.

Unlimited Scalability

Unlimited scalability & elasticity with our cloud-native communications platform and serverless backend.

Telecom Experts

With our deep expertise in SIP-based communications we’ll take care of the telecom complexities, so you don’t have to.

Advanced call handling made easy

You implement how calls should be handled in your application logic. That’s all you need to do – we’ll do the rest!

The mediaservice communicates with your application logic using REST callbacks, and with the participants of the call using the SIP protocol.

This illustration shows how the mediaservice interacts with the application logic and the communication participants.

So, don’t let advanced and demanding IVR use cases scare you off – we’ll remove the complexity and make it easy for you!

Build IVR flows for demanding use cases

Build the call response of your choice. With the unique ability to design an IVR flow exactly matching your needs, it specifically suits the advanced communication of demanding use cases.

This illustration shows an IVR flow example and the associated interaction steps between the mediaservice and the application logic. Click on the image to make it larger.

The rich set of functionalities through our API endpoints combined with the concept of sessions, connections, and participants in our platform result in an endless ability to tailor make the IVR flow of your choice.

The state logic of calls is implemented in the customer’s application logic, which interacts with the mediaservice using REST callbacks. When state changes appear for sessions, connections or participants the application logic is informed.

Simplified message flow

Rich set of functionalities in numerous API endpoints

Our rich set of functionalities provided by our API endpoints offer you endless possibilities to build what you want. Combined with our concept of sessions, connections and participants the freedom to tailor your IVR solution for your customers is immense. No limitations, no pre-made flows hold you back.

The concept of sessions, connections and participants can be seen in this illustration →

The APIs are so feature-rich, we could build everything we wanted – I don’t think we could have found that depth of capability elsewhere. We are addressing high-end customers with large [call] volumes and quite advanced demands. They expect the CCaaS to be feature-rich, and we can provide that.

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