Improve building operations, security & safety of your facility

Internet of Things (IoT) and smart devices are driving forces to manage buildings more efficiently. With the introduction of cameras that effectively can act as sensors, your buildings become much smarter and give you the opportunity to decrease your operational costs.

With’s open APIs for smart buildings you can easily integrate a serverless solution for voice intercom and video cameras to modernize your facilities. solutions for smart buildings – door intercom with video

Door intercom with video

Who is at your entrance? With rapid increase in home deliveries from online shopping, our hallways have never been as busy as today. Safety and security can easily be improved by only allowing access to persons authorized to enter the building.

With our APIs you can connect video based door intercom systems to an app or web browser of a tenant’s mobile phone. By also integrating your door access control system, you can allow the tenant to decide whether to open the door or not.


Door intercom using QR-codes and private mobile phones

Investing in a new door intercom system with video is expensive, both in terms of hardware but also in terms of installation cost. Why not build a solution where your tenant can view who is at the entrance by taking advantage of the guest’s smartphone?

Simply install a QR code at the door entrance for the guest to scan using its mobile phone camera function. This will open a web browser with the directory of all the tenants in the building. When selecting one of the tenants a video call will be set up from the web browser of the guest to the mobile phone of the tenant, using WebRTC technology. solutions for smart buildings – door intercom with QR-code and private mobile


Voice and video communication in installed base of elevators

Modernize your installed base of elevators without costly installations of hardware. Simply add a QR code sticker inside each elevator and let passengers scan the code with their mobile phone in case of emergency. This will open the web browser in the phone and establish a video connection with an Alarm Receiving center (ARC) or other service personnel.

The QR codes can hold a lot of information which makes it easier for service agents to provide more accurate support depending on the location, situation and the passenger itself.

Find out more in our use case about connected elevators.


Camera surveillance of hallways, garages or common facilities

Let sensors for heat, motion, sound or similar trigger video cameras and intercoms to establish voice and video connection to alarm centers or security agents by sending an event to our platform.

The event will trigger a session from the camera/intercom in the building, to the Alarm Receiving center (ARC) or designated security agents. The security agent will receive the voice a video feed into its mobile phone and will be able  to see what is going on, while at the same time have the option to communicate with persons on the other side.

SERVERLESS FUNCTIONS solutions for smart buildings – Improve tenant experience with video cameras in common facilities or open areas

Improve tenant experience with video cameras in common facilities or open areas

Modern facility companies provide apps where tenants can get information about the building or office area and communicate with the facility owner. Tenants can also interact with other tenants.

With cameras installed in common facilities or open areas, tenants can access the cameras through the app and receive live video streams from the facilities. 


Serverless functions built upon AWS public cloud for unlimited scale, reach & global deployment help you extend to new markets quick and easy.


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Built upon microservices with strongest possible security in mind. 24/7 support and redundant environment keeps you fully secure.

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