Build modern elevator communication solutions

Build cloud-based elevator communication for alarm and emergency situations the modern way. Use our voice and video APIs to build reliable solutions for your elevator communication applications. Our communication APIs enable you to be EN 81-28:2018 compliant.
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API for alarm handling from elevator​​

API for prompts, IVR & call recording

Automated self-tests to ensure connectivity

One platform for all your elevator communication needs​

API for voice calling from elevator​​

API for video communication​

Secure & reliable cloud-based communication

Enable SIP-based voice and video communication between your elevator panels and alarm receiving center (ARC) in the most modern way with our APIs.

API For Alarm Handling

Send alarm events from the elevator to an Alarm Receiving Center

API For Video Communication

Enable video communication from a camera mounted in the elevator

API For Voice Calling

Enable voice calling between the elevator and a designated Alarm Receiving Center

API For Call Handling

Play prompts, record calls, or build integrated voice responses as part of the elevator communication

SIP Communication

SIP-based signaling and media communication (SIP/WebRTC)

Alarm, Voice & Video APIs​

Complete portfolio of communication APIs within one single platform

Fast To Market​

Easy steps from connecting your elevator devices to having a secure solution up and running

Unlimited Scalability​

Unlimited scalability and elasticity with our serverless backend​

The building blocks for all your elevator communication needs

Build with our alarm, voice and video communication APIs. Add prompts, call recording or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for additional elevator communication applications!

Get your elevator communication quickly up and running with these simple steps

The SIP-enabled elevator panel is easily connected and registered with our SIP server functionality using native SIP or SIP over secure WebSocket (WebRTC).

Once registered, the elevator is ready to initiate or receive SIP sessions and can communicate with the alarm receiving platform.

Once the SIP-enabled elevator client – a cabin’s emergency phone or lift emergency phone – is registered and pre-configured, our SIP server functionality will handle the inbound and outbound voice communication between the device and the emergency center. Our WebRTC gateway will handle video calls from WebRTC clients.

For any outbound calling, the platform will ensure a reliable and secure communication is established by connecting a SIP trunk to a PSTN provider. It will handle NAT-related issues and provide a reliable end-to-end communication.

Add advanced call handling capabilities to enable tailored elevator communication applications. Use our mediaservice API to add interactive voice response (IVR), call recording or play prompts.

The highly granular APIs provided by the platform give you unmatched flexibility and the freedom needed to build exactly the solution you want.

All your communication needs are fulfilled from the same platform, no need for additional complexity whatsoever!

With’s automated echo service for elevator self-testing, the connectivity for each elevator is ensured at any time, enabling your solution to comply with the EN 81-28:2018 standard.

Prevent elevators losing connectivity and ensure a 100% reliable alarm service.

The elevator client initiates continuous test calls to a destination that will invoke an internal media service function. The function will record the DTMF tone sequence played by the elevator client. The recorded sequence is then played back telling that the elevator is connected and working as it should.

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Bridge between analog and digital protocols with our unified API

Is your existing solution based on the analogue signaling protocol such as CPC? The unified API of our Alarmbridge offering enables a smooth transition to an all-IP elevator communication by bridging between analog and digital protocols.
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Explore how Alarmbridge can help you move to a fully digitized and SIP-based solution.

Are your elevator devices SIP-enabled?​​

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Voice & Video APIs

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Are your elevator devices not SIP-enabled?​​

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Alarmbridge API

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