Bring real-time capabilities to your solution with

Real-time communications is playing an important role in many type of solutions across sectors. With our serverless functions and feature-rich APIs you can rapidly deploy integrated alarm, voice and video functionality to enhance your overall solution and improve the user experience.


Improve quality of life with digital health solutions that includes alarm events and voice & video communication between patients and caregivers.

Smart Buildings

IoT and smart devices are driving forces to manage buildings more efficiently. With you can improve building operations, security & safety.

IoT Platforms can act as a complement to IoT platforms that wishes to add real-time voice & video communications capabilities into their total solutions.

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Serverless functions built upon AWS public cloud for unlimited scale, reach & global deployment – extend to new markets quick and easy


cPaaS that you can trust for
mission-critical installations – our platform delivers superior availability, reliability & performance

Built upon microservices with strongest possible security in mind – 24/7 support and redundant environment keeps you fully secure