Our feature-rich APIs are designed to be embedded into existing solutions where alarm, voice and/or video communication is an integral component. Easy to integrate with your legacy systems, easy to build the solution exactly fitting your customers’ needs.

Build solutions for

Security & Alarms

Build solutions for care alarms, home security, access and intrusion control or any other security related system.


Unified Communications & Contact Centers​

Build solutions for advanced Unified Communications (UC) and Contact Center (CC) use cases.


  • Interactive Voice Response

    Build customized interactive voice response (IVR) flows for demanding use cases.

  • Cloud-PBX

    Build a scalable cloud-PBX for mobile phones, SIP-enabled desk phones, softphones and apps.

  • SIP Recording

    Build SIP call recording applications from the SIPRec session files provided by our platform.

  • Call Data Analytics

    Get easy access to call data and media streams for analytics use cases.

Smart Buildings

Build solutions for connected elevator communication, fire safety or video intercom.


  • Elevator Communication

    Build reliable alarm, voice or video communication between the elevator cabin and recipients.

  • Video Intercom

    Build video-enabled intercom and access control solutions for property security.

IoT & Devices

Build solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) or connected devices.


  • IoT Platforms

    Let events from your IoT platform trigger voice and video communications sessions between devices and end-users.

Why embed iotcomms.io’s alarm, voice and video communication APIs into your solution?

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Let the APIs of the iotcomms.io communications platform deliver alarm, voice & video communication in your solution. All telecom complexities are taken care of, so you don’t have to!

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