Build a modern & scalable Cloud-PBX – we’ll handle the telecom complexity

Build a modern and scalable cloud-PBX solution for your customers and enable calling from mobile phones, SIP-enabled desk phones, softphones and apps. Connect to your operator of choice with our granular API.
Define how calls should be handled in your application logic and we’ll take care of all the call signaling and media processing required to control the calls as desired.

Build the cloud-PBX call flow you want

Use our feature rich API to control how calls should be handled – exactly matching your desires!

A few examples of how calls can be handled

Direct Calls to Hunt Groups

Direct calls according to the definitions set in the application logic; hunt group members and call distribution method.

Easily direct calls to hunt groups in your cloud-PBX solution

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Parallel Ringing

Automatically redirect incoming calls to many employees (agents) simultaneously. Once the call is answered, it will stop ringing to the others.

Easily add parallel ringing in your cloud-PBX solution

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Place in Queue

Handle incoming calls and place calls in queue, play prompts, redirect calls etc.

Easily add queue handling in your cloud-PBX solution

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Out-of-office Handling

Direct incoming calls according to preferences defined in the application logic.

Easily add out-of-office handling in your cloud-PBX solution

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Voicemails & Auto Attendants

Direct incoming calls to voicemails or auto attendants as per defined in the application logic.

Easily add voice mails and auto attendants in your cloud-PBX solution

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Record and Play Prompts

Record audio prompts and play them as part of e.g., an IVR flow.

Easily add recording and media playback in your cloud-PBX solution

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Flexible Call Control

Don’t get stuck in rigid or inflexible solutions. You define your cloud-PBX call flow, we’ll execute your desires without any functionality restrictions.

For Modern Phones

Let your end customers enjoy all the cloud-PBX functionalities regardless of if they’re using mobile phones, desk phones, softphones or apps.

Unlimited Scalability

Expand your geographic reach or move into new customer segments. Our serverless platform is built for instant elasticity and unlimited scalability.

Telecom Experts

With our experience in building cloud-PBXs and expertise in SIP- & WebRTC-based communications we’ll take care of the telecom complexities, so you don’t have to.

Advanced call handling made easy

You implement the logic for how calls should be handled in your application. That’s all you need to do – we’ll do the rest!

The mediaservice communicates with your application using REST callbacks, and with the participants of the call using the SIP protocol.

This illustration shows how the mediaservice interacts with your application logic and the communication participants.

Talk to us today to explore how you can build a modern cloud-PBX solution with unlimited scalability, without being a telecom expert!

A granular API with endless flexibility

Build the cloud-PBX function you want. Below example shows a simplified and shortened message flow of how an incoming call is handled in a hunting group scenario.

This illustration shows a simplified message flow and the associated interaction steps between the mediaservice and the application logic. Click on the image to make it larger.
The rich set of functionalities through our API endpoints combined with the concept of sessions, connections, and participants in our platform result in an endless ability to control the call as you want.

The state logic of calls is implemented in the customer application, which interacts with the mediaservice using REST callbacks. When state changes appear for sessions, connections or participants the customer application is informed.

Simplified message flow

Boost customer experience by offering mobile phone users all the functionalities and benefits that fixed phone users enjoy. Increase operational efficiency and reduce cost by unifying the logic for mobile and fixed telephony.

A mobile-PBX solution, enhanced with true mobile extension (MEX) functionality, delivers the call control required to handle calls to and from mobile and fixed phones and networks.

Click on the link below to read our blog about the different variants of MEX, what true MEX is and the benefits it brings, and how it is provided by the communications platform.

Scale infinitely with our serverless platform​

Grow your cloud-PBX business easily with our cloud-native communications platform. Target new customer segments or grow into new geographic territories instantaneously and effortlessly with the serverless backend.

Forget the hassle with new hardware that must be installed and configured, software that needs to be updated and upgraded, or operations staff needing training on the new infrastructure.

Benefit from our elastic cloud service and automatically scale up – and down – whenever or wherever you need.

We needed to tailor solutions and place our own offering on top of their platform. That flexibility and the freedom that comes with it is one of the big reasons why we chose to work with iotcomms – they supply the components we need for media and signalling, and we can interface with them at the API level, enabling us to build whatever we want on top.

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