– we bring flexibility and scalability to business-critical real-time communications (IOT Communications International AB) was founded 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden, with the purpose to develop a Communications Platform as a Service (cPaaS) for business-critical voice and video communications.

We had seen how the rapidly growing digitalization of society is changing the way we communicate, and how an increasing number of devices, humans and services are being connected to each other. As a result, todays technology landscape puts an enormous pressure on the R&D organisation to develop faster and more cost-efficiently.

We want to help developers to streamline the development process and provide an effortless product life cycle. To buy our Functions as a Service (FaaS) is hassle free.

Our platform is built upon more than 20 years of experience in SIP, VoIP and business-critical communications. Our vast experience in telecom and internet technology makes us experts in the field of real-time communications.

Since December 2019 Telia Venture has invested in the company.

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We take care of telecom complexity and allow our customers to focus on innovation speed and faster time to market.

We enrich devices, humans and services with audio, video and communications capabilities at scale.

We make real-time communications contextual to our customers’ situation and applications.

We deliver a serverless platform provided globally from the public cloud and integrate to our customers’ solutions with open, event based APIs.

With our Functions as a Service (FaaS) we accelerate developers’ roadmap and let them benefit from the competence of leading industry expertise. – insights

Todays pace of technology change pushes CTOs and developers to deliver on rapid change to stay competitive.

Developers strive for streamlined product development and to have an effortless product life cycle.

Continued growth of connected devices requires efficient solutions to protocol fragmentation, while leveraging on investments already made.

In the hyperconnected society people, processes, services and things communicate seamlessly without any barriers.

We are the bridge our customer relies on to exceed customer expectations and to achieve higher efficiencies.

We bring flexibility and scalability to business-critical real-time communications. – curiosity

We are experts in business-critical real-time communications and innovate together with our customers to stay ahead of competition.

We are curious to engage with our customers to build functions that can bridge fragmentation in large scale.

We let our customers focus on core development and innovation speed.

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