The company was founded 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden and is developing a Communication Platform as a Services (CPaaS) for mission critical voice and video communication services.

We help software developers streamline the development process of mission critical real-time communication, for voice, video and control/metrics data.  With our Functions as a Service (FaaS) we accelerate developers roadmap and let developers benefit from the competence of leading industry expertise.

The new technology landscape creates an enormous pressure on the R&D organisation to develop faster and more cost-efficiently. We provide an effortless product life cycle. Buying Functions as a Service (FaaS) is hassle free.

All our functions are built on serverless architecture, provided globally from the cloud. These mission critical functions are scalable and reliable and integrated with API’s.

Our vast experience in telecom and internet technology makes us experts in the field of real-time internet communications.

Since December 2019 Telia Venture has invested in IOT Communications. 

Contact us:

118 65 Stockholm