Build solutions for Unified Communications & Contact Centers the modern way!

Build solutions for advanced Unified Communications (UC) and Contact Center (CC) use cases with our flexible and highly granular mediaservice API. IVR, Cloud-PBX or Call Recording are just a few examples of what you can build. Intelligent analytics through access to key data is another.

Our cloud-native communications platform and a unique variety of API endpoints combined with SIP and media stream data, bring endless opportunities for your UC or CC offerings.

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Use Cases

Explore how the mediaservice API of our cloud-native communications platform provides the granular building blocks and insights needed for demanding UC and CC use cases.

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Build your Unified Communications or Contact Center Solution with the Communications Platform and its flexible APIs for:
Send and receive alarm events triggered by connected devices, sensors and applications.
Establish inbound or outbound voice and video communication between SIP and/or WebRTC devices.
Build interactive voice response (IVR) or tailor-made call flows to match your customers’ needs.
Record calls from your existing voice platform with SIPRec, or as part of the voice service.

Flexible APIs

Highly granular and feature rich APIs uniquely fitting demanding use cases

Reliability built for critical services

Built for strongest security and proven in mission critical services

High availability design

Robust and redundant design built on AWS with 100% uptime and hybrid cloud-edge option

Elastic scaling to new markets

Effortless and instant scaling with serverless backend and without device limitations

Fast TTM & innovation speed

Microservice-based SW design allowing fast introduction of services and innovations

Pay only for what you use

Usage-based pricing and service utilization provide deterministic cost overview at any time

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Learn how modern UC, Contact Centers, and analytics firms can stay ahead of competition by using our highly granular API functions and raw session data.

Talk to us today

Get in contact to learn more about designing your UC or CC solution with our granular & feature rich APIs.

Modern CPaaS built cloud-native from ground up – we run the operations for you so you can focus on your customers’ experience.


Built for mission critical alarm, voice & video services – delivering superior reliability, security and availability.

Built with serverless functions in AWS for unlimited scale, reach and global deployment – extend to new markets quick and easy.

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