Build modern video enabled intercom solutions

Build modern intercom solutions with our cloud-native communications platform. Benefit from a rich set of voice and video functionalities in our flexible APIs.

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  • One platform for all your intercom communications needs – from basic voice & video to sophisticated call handling scenarios​

  • Enable voice communication between intercom panels​

  • Enable video communication from a camera-enabled device to an ARC agent’s softphone​

  • Enable video communication between intercom panels​

  • Connect SIP-enabled or analog intercom panels – we can bridge DTMF tones to API events for a smooth transition to a digital solution​

Be modern – build with our APIs

The serverless communications platform provides the APIs needed for your intercom solutions. Add advanced call scenarios such as interactive voice response (IVR), call recording and more. We have the APIs to build with – you decide the level of sophistication!

Flexible APIs

Build the intercom solution fitting your customers' needs with our flexible APIs

SIP & WebRTC Experts

We are experts in SIP and WebRTC so that you can focus on your customers' experience

The serverless communications platform provides the APIs needed for your intercom solutions


API-based platform that is built 100% cloud native from the ground up

Add Call Scenarios

Build as advanced as your customers wants – from basic voice/video to sophisticated call handling scenarios

A complete communications portfolio for your intercom solution

Look no further, you’ll find all the communication functionalities you need here!
Build modern video enabled intercom solutions with

Connect the video call to a tenant’s screen or distribute the call to a receptionist or surveillance center – either acting as an internal user of the system with a WebRTC client, or connected via a SIP trunk using the internet, a private IP connection or over VPN.

Once the video enabled intercom units are registered and pre-configured to dial a specific SIP URL, our SIP server functionality will handle the incoming SIP session and route the call to the tenant’s screen or to a surveillance center – either directly if the center is registered as a SIP device or by using the private SIP trunk.

Uniquely flexible platform for tailored intercom solutions ​

Build the intercom solution exactly fitting your customers’ scenario, our flexibility is unique in the industry! A few examples of receiving devices for your intercom scenario:

  • Voice communication from a front door panel to tenant’s mobile phone. The call could even go to multiple mobile phones should this be the preferred option.
  • Video communication from a camera-enabled front door panel to a receptionist’s computer screen
  • Video communication from any camera-enabled device to an ARC agent’s softphone
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Read more about our SIP server functionalities.

Video enable your intercom solution

Our platform’s WebRTC functionality provides seamless video communication between any mix of SIP devices and WebRTC clients. This means that a SIP-enabled front door panel with camera can communicate with the WebRTC client on the call receiver’s end.

This illustration shows examples of video communication flows provided by the platform.

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Read more about our WebRTC gateway functionalities.

Is your intercom solution not SIP-enabled? Our unified API will help!

Is your existing intercom solution relying on analogue technology and not (yet) SIP-enabled? Are you worried about the transition to a fully digitalized communication when PSTN, 2G and 3G eventually are switched off? Well, stop worrying!

The platform with the Alarmbridge offering and its unified API address this by bridging between analog and digital telecom protocols. The DTMF tones from the analogue world are delivered as API events and enable your intercom solution to be smoothly transitioned to a digital and modern one.

Are your intercom devices SIP-enabled?​​

Start building with our
Voice & Video APIs

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Are your intercom devices not SIP-enabled?​​

Start building with our
Alarmbridge API

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