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What are SIP Server functionalities?

iotcomms.io SIP Server as a Service – a cloud-hosted SIP service enabler

SIP Server, or VoIP SIP Server, functionalities include all you need from a SIP infrastructure to enable a reliable and secure voice and video communication.

The serverless functionalities perform all the tasks included in setting up and maintaining a complete SIP infrastructure, allowing you to put all focus on your service or application.

The SIP Server functionalities include the setup of SIP registrars and user databases, SIP proxies, media relays and NAT traversal mechanisms. It also takes care of all those regular headaches and issues with SIP device end-to-end connectivity, reliability and security.


How does the SIP Server work?

The SIP Server acts as a SIP registrar and a SIP proxy as well as it implements hosted NAT traversal for all your signaling and media flows should it be required. With the SIP Server you can easily register your SIP devices and start sending and receiving SIP and media traffic within minutes.

You can also connect WebRTC based SIP applications. Click on the image to view full size.

SIP device accounts can be created and managed using standard RESTful API calls or by manually accessing the customer web portal. Once the accounts are created your SIP devices can authenticate, register and setup sessions and calls end-to-end. The SIP Server will take care of your end-to-end connectivity in a reliable and secure way. Additional APIs can be used to monitor SIP device status and activity as well as to retrieve logs and statistics.

A device monitoring API is provided to listen for SIP registration and dialog state change callback events. The monitoring API can be used to develop applications showing if a device is on-line or in a call.

The SIP Server will apply signaling and media encryption and, if needed, hosted NAT traversal to make sure your SIP devices are always connected and ready. Your end-to-end SIP service is now being delivered as expected.

SIP devices may be connected to the traditional telephony world to place and receive phone calls thanks to the built in bring-your-own SIP trunk functionality.

All traffic between your SIP devices and the SIP Server is encrypted and authenticated using well-proven Internet encryption technologies.

Devices that encrypt signaling using SIP/TLS or SIP/Secure websocket and media encryption using DTLS/SDES-SRTP are extra well protected. For devices not supporting this we connect your network using an IPSEC VPN connection. For simple initial tests you may even use unencrypted connections. All data is stored encrypted in our systems.

The SIP Server is fully managed by iotcomms.io which means that you don’t need to learn and install any new software or take care of any infrastructure. The iotcomms.io platform is built to meet the highest security standards and personal data is processed in compliance with GDPR regulations. The SIP Server is designed for mission-critical applications, meaning it is deployed on a geographically redundant infrastructure to always be available.
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APIs tailored for developers​

We package telecom complexity and protocol fragmentation in easy-to-use APIs for you to save time and cost, and offer superior performance.


Benefits of the iotcomms.io SIP Server

  • Everything runs in the cloud​

    No need to setup, run or maintain a SIP infrastructure. Just configure the SIP user accounts using our simple API, configure your devices and start deploying your service.

  • Scalability & Reliability​

    Grow as you go with full focus on the solution you deliver. Most of the services out there has an upper limit on how many devices you may register. Our service is built for scale without limits.

  • Hosted NAT & Firewall Traversal​​

    We take care of common SIP and media problems related to NAT and firewall traversal. When required, media will be anchored to make sure the customer end-to-end session experience remains.

  • Out-of-the-box security​

    No need to worry about eavesdropping or manipulation of SIP or media traffic since all traffic between your SIP devices and the SIP server is encrypted and authenticated using well-proven Internet encryption technologies.

  • Avoid codec mismatching

    Transcoding from one codec to another is supported. This becomes valuable in case you have SIP devices supporting only codec X and your trunk provider only supports codec Y.

  • Enable SIP trunk connectivity​

    The SIP trunk functionality allows calls to be routed to and from the ordinary phone network or to connect an on-prem system.

  • Pay only for what you use

    The web portal provides an overview of service usage, and as for all other functionality the data is accessible using APIs. Our microservice-based design enables you to pay only for what you use.

  • Integrate value-added features​

    Do you want to add additional features to your solution? Check out our portfolio of additional cloud-hosted applications and media services that easily can be invoked. Value-adding features are just an API call away!

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