We are happy to announce that Dean Bubley, a global outspoken industry analyst and futurist, with huge experience in areas such as CPaaS, WebRTC, 5G and telecom strategy, will be guest-blogging on iotcomms.io.

Mr. Bubley is known for his visionary but challenging opinions, his online presence as @disruptivedean, and is regularly seen at live and virtual conferences around the world and quoted in publications such as The Economist, FT and Wall Street Journal.

His clients include many of the world’s leading and most innovative telecom operators and vendors and during the Autumn he will be our guest contributor.

Technology areas such as CPaaS, WebRTC, API-based real-time communication, IoT communication, Cloud, 5G are examples of areas that will be included.

The first blog post will be published September 1st. In the meanwhile, make sure to follow Dean Bubley on Linkedin and Twitter.

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