Build modern API-based Unified Communications & Contact Center Solutions

Build IVR, Cloud-PBX and Call Recording solutions the modern way, no hardware or software deployments – just integrate to our easy-to-use mediaservice API.
Use our modular functions to build scalable solutions for your enterprise, contact-, call- or support center customers.

Out-of-the-box capabilities

Key capabilities that are just an API away.
  • Media Playback & Handling​​

    Playback audio prompts from files or URLs. Used as part of an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call flow or in other modern telecom solutions.

  • DTMF Handling​​

    Detect and act on DTMF signaling within an IVR flow. The DTMF information is sent to your application with an API callback letting your application decide the next step.

  • Interactive Call Control​​​

    Accept, reject, drop, queue or transfer any call to any destination, e.g. your SIP devices, WebRTC clients or SIP trunks. A key building block for IVR call flows and cloud-PBX solutions.

  • Recording

    Start and stop call recording for calls handled by the mediaservice API as well as functions to record phrases within an IVR call flow.

  • Text-to-Speech​​

    Integrate natively with Amazon Polly’s and Google’s text to speech APIs providing a wide range of languages and voices for text to speech generated prompts.

  • Call Events Notifications​​​

    Callbacks notify when participants are leaving a mediaservice session connection, and the response provides an action about what to do with the remaining participant.

What can you build with our mediaservice API?

Build with Mediaservice API

APIs tailored for developers

We package telecom complexity and protocol fragmentation in easy-to-use APIs for you to save time and cost, and offer superior performance. Explore getting started guides and APIs in our Developer Area.

Applying contact center services have never been easier! Gone are the days of tedious implementation projects or complex hardware or software deployments. Now, all you need to do is to let us know how you want your incoming calls to be treated and where they should be routed, and we will carry out all signaling and media processing necessary.

From easy “answer and playback a voice prompt” to sophisticated and complex interactive call scenarios that imply voice or media processing – that’s up to you! You decide the media interaction best suited for your application case – we run the underlying communications platform for you.

Traditional media and application server HW and SW involve installation, implementation, operation and maintenance. This require specific competence, space and tend to be costly and time consuming to operate.

With our managed service from the cloud you can avoid the cost and hassle with a HW and SW based infrastructure. Build your modern services with our API and reduce time to market dramatically!

If your customers are requiring a hybrid deployment model our platform is well suited for that.

Are you looking for a Media Resource Function (MRF), a Media Resource Function Processor (MRFP) or a Media Resource Function Controller (MRFC)? Traditionally these have been offered as hardware products or virtualized software for you to deploy in the cloud.

With the mediaservice API, many of the functions included in an MRF, MRFP and MRFC are offered as a service. No hardware or software to bother about, we’ll take care of the complexities of call control and media processing for you.

Leave the signaling and media delivery to us with hassle free Media Resource Function as a Service.

Build the modern way!

Cloud Native​

Avoid the hardware dependency, vendor lock-ins, and the never-ending software upgrades typical in traditional purpose-built or COTS-based media or application server deployments.​

Scalable & Reliable​

With our serverless backend, instant scalability is secured from the start. The robust and reliable design enable the development of mission-critical interactive media applications.

Simplified Operations​

We will run the communications platform for your media interaction applications. We take care of the complexity of the underlying SIP and WebRTC signaling and media flow.​

Flexible Building Blocks​

Advanced IVR call flow, basic call termination, cloud-PBX or call center functionality? It’s up to you! Invoke any functionality with the REST API.​

Wide Range Of Audio Codecs

Wide range of audio codecs are supported – PCMA, PCMU, G.722, GSM and OPUS.​

Pay For What You Use

Only pay for the traffic you use. Get instant overview of your service usage in our customer portal, for a deterministic cost overview.​​

What do you want to build?

Build customized Interactive Voice Response (IVR) flows for demanding use cases with a unique level of flexibility.
Build a modern and scalable cloud-PBX solution and enable calling from mobile phones, SIP-enabled desk phones, softphones and apps.
Build modern SIP call recording applications from the SIPRec session files provided by our cloud-native communications platform.
Get easy access to call data and media streams for use cases such as fraud prevention, caller authentication, sentiment capturing or understanding conversational data.

Looking for something else?

Is your use case not covered here? Please tell us and we’ll be happy to find out how our services can add value to you!

Our customers experience reduced cost, improved time to market and increased quality

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