This article was originally published in UC Today May 25, 2023

Communication platform provider on how its smart Hybrid Cloud-Edge Deployment is the best of both worlds

The devil is so often in the data.

Trust, compliance, security: for communication solution providers, steering a competitive course can be tricky. They covet the transformational power of the public cloud, but their customers sometimes require local data processing options.

However, what if both were on offer?

That kind of hybrid mix enables providers to plot a much more flexible path that not only satisfies their own customers’ demand for full control over their data but also affords them effortless speed, scalability and cost-efficiency with which to innovate.

The Importance of Choice

Indeed – against the backdrop of global geopolitical stress and ever-rising levels of cybercrime – the question of where data is processed and stored is being raised by many enterprises of all sectors in the market today.

A large proportion of the the volume of data they produce is personal and potentially highly-valued by third parties of all kinds. Security is mission-critical but, for compliance reasons, the location and nature of that data’s storage can be a deal-breaker.

For providers of data-heavy UCaaS and contact centre solutions, for example, being able to cover all bases represents a significant market opportunity.

As is always the case, picking the right technology partner is key.

“There are companies which, for operational and contractual reasons, want to have their data processed locally, and be compliant with various statutory obligations as well as individual customer preferences. For these, it is really important to offer choice,” says Gunnar Reinholdsen, co-founder at leading real-time communications platform provider, whose super-smart ‘Hybrid Cloud-Edge Deployment’ does just that.

The Best of Public and Private

“The hybrid cloud-edge deployment option enables its provider customers to benefit from the public cloud, but also to offer that all-important local data processing and storage in their own environments.

Providers must be able to offer this deployment flexibility to its customers. “That is a must if providers are to remain competitive,” says Reinholdsen.

Indeed, many large enterprises with, for example, significant contact centre functionality, have been used to hosting PBX and data infrastructure in-house on their own premises.

It is, by many IT managers, perceived as super-secure but comes with the disadvantage of being unable to fully leverage the scalability of natively coming with a resource-sharing model such as the public cloud.

“We don’t place disproportionate value on one model or the other – for us, it is offering the choice which is really important,” says Reinholdsen. “We simply listen to the customers and provide what they want. Usually, that is related directly to the service they themselves provide. Whether they choose one or the other, we are able to satisfy 100% of their needs.”

Speed meets Privacy

Due to the very nature of their business, UC platforms and contact centres in particular process and store data such as customer information and recorded interactions.

“That is where our hybrid cloud edge deployment option can deliver high value,” says Reinholdsen.

“We are able to offer exactly the same service regardless of if the customer chooses a public cloud deployment or a hybrid cloud edge deployment. Almost all the values of a public cloud deployment are inherited into the hybrid cloud edge deployment option.

“Like with the public cloud option, our micro service-based design enables super-fast time to market, and lets providers build and launch new features tomorrow if they like. Furthermore, the commercial model is the same in the two options, with customers only paying for what they use.

“It is the power of the public cloud with the data sovereignty of the on-premise model. We think that is a potent combination with the ability to propel providers to the next phase of their digital journey with complete confidence.”

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