This article was originally published in UC Today October 3, 2023

Leading communications platform provider on maximising opportunity in the rapidly expanding SIP market.

In today’s era of real-time, internet-reliant communications, many types such as alarm, voice, or video often depend upon the underlying technology of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to make it all happen.

SIP – the vital component

SIP is the great enabler; and a vital component in many solutions where alarm, voice or video communication is an integral and essential part of the total offering. Being a standardized protocol, its interoperability simplifies development and makes room for new innovations. Indeed, as recently reported here, markets are growing at a rapid pace. The Communication Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) space is expected to reach a value of $80 billion by 2023, with the global SIP market predicted to be worth around $44 billion by 2031.

It’s because innovation, automation, simplicity, security, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are all aspects of the modern telecommunication stack that are relentlessly evolving to meet fresh challenges and drive improved efficiencies and growth.

That means, for vendors of systems that use telecom technology to communicate with other systems, devices or platforms, the power, reliability, and scalability of the SIP component of their offering is a critically-important enabler for their customers’ experience.

For them, partnering with an expert provider of SIP as a Service is key.

SIP-based communication can get complex

“SIP and SIP-based communication is used in many of today’s modern communication solutions,” says Jörgen Steijer, Solution Architect at leading real-time communications platform and SIP provider, whose SIP-as-a-Service offering comes with deep telecoms expertise and decades of experience.

“Integrating SIP-based communication into existing systems requires an understanding and competence that may not be easily available within a solution vendor’s organization. Pretty quickly complexity arises when services are mission critical, reliability requirements get higher, and larger-scale deployments call for a robust SIP infrastructure. These are factors that require a deeper SIP competence.”

Add to this the shift from analogue to digital telecom technologies and protocols that is currently happening in many European countries. This requires a shift in competence as well as a shift in backend technology. Understanding how to build a reliable and robust SIP infrastructure, is vital.

Is SIP the core competence?

For solution vendors, SIP knowledge may not be within their core competency. Following a ‘disrupt the do-it-all-yourself’ model, however, means solution vendors are given the possibility of buying SIP-based communication as a cloud service instead.

“We provide SIP-based communication as a service both in typical telecoms use cases such as Contact Centers (CC), Unified Communication (UC), IVR and cloud-PBXs, as well as in alarm use cases such as the telecare market where it is fuelled by the digital shift,” says Steijer.

“Our deep expertise in SIP-based communication, SIP server functionalities and our proven experience in providing mission-critical, robust and reliable services end-to-end are hugely valuable assets for our telco, UC/CC and alarm communication solution vendors to leverage,” Steijer continues.

We are in a new world now in which organisations communicate in new ways. SIP technology is at the very centre of those processes, and we are at the leading edge of its continued evolution.

SIP-based communication is a vital part in my solutions

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