Omnicloud, a Global provider of a unified cloud platform for IoT solutions, integrates’s cloud-native voice and alarm communication services to its platform. The services enable Omnicloud to deliver intercom, speaker and softphone applications in industries such as retail, banking and safe cities. The service is already deployed and successfully running at the first retail customer in Mexico.

Omnicloud needed a voice and video communication service provider with a device-centric approach. Their client wanted to enable voice communication between SIP-based intercom devices installed in numerous locations across Mexico.

With Omnicloud’s continued growth, the possibility to quickly scale when adding more devices, and to increase service functionality, were important. The cloud-native platform, recognized for its easy scalability and enabling short time to market with new functionalities, was therefore ideal.

The’s service, including its SIP server functionalities, has been really easy to deploy. We quickly integrated through their advanced API, and the voice communication service is now an integral part of our IoT solution. We target multiple use cases in several industries, why the flexibility of the platform and its rich protocol support, e.g.: SIA, are important for our further planned expansion.

The Omnicloud case is our first deployment in Latin America and its success is a great example of our platform’s global scalability capabilities. We deliver functions such as voice calling, call recording and call control including queue handling, which demonstrates Omnicloud’s modern way of building and its innovative intercom applications. It has been great to work with such a modern company as Omnicloud and we are happy to be entering the Latin American market.

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Founded in 2019, offers a hybrid orchestration platform, OmniView, that operates both in the cloud and on-premise. This platform seamlessly integrates IoT devices, including alarms, access control, video, and advanced video analytics to optimize not only security but also various business processes.

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About, founded 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden, offers a cloud-native communication platform for real-time alarm, voice and video communication services. The platform is designed for critical applications and services attracting companies within sectors such as Security & Alarm, Unified Communication, Contact Centers, Smart Buildings and IoT.’s APIs coupled with the company’s deep competence and experience in designing critical communication services, enable Solution Providers to build reliable and secure solutions that scale effortlessly – both in size and globally.

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